Crackdown 3 released back in late February and well, it was not what everyone expected. The game released to some pretty mediocre reviews and players and media ripped it apart for its boring story, bland world and dated “everything”.

After almost a month with the game, we decided to take a look at why Crackdown 3 did so poorly in terms of scores and reception. It has been a long time coming but when Microsoft Studios released Crackdown 3, we could not believe that the game was a finished product. Everything about it was just so average that it felt like it could have used a lot more time in the oven and perhaps double the ingredients too.

We basically praised the game for just being a Terry Crews simulator without any depth in gameplay or story all set in a boring and simple open world that felt like it was a port from an Xbox 360 version of the game. No magic “cloud power” to be seen anywhere, just average gameplay.

Sitting at a low rating of 57% on Metacritic, the game is one of the lowest-scored Microsoft Studio titles ever released. Why you may ask yourself? Well, we have 10 reasons which we explain in a cool, totally “high budget” video below.

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