Hogwarts Legacy

10 Things We Can’t Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

The hardest course of my destiny right now is deciding what 10 things I’m most excited about doing first in the Hogwarts Legacy. Just 10? Lay claim to my soul, this is a Dark Soul’s game set on nightmare mode kind of hard to do. In fact, I’m working on a mega list of +60 things I’m excited about which at this point might go up to 120+. Especially, with the new gameplay footage released. Also imagine how many more there will be when I get to play the actual game, each new discovery bringing me more wanderlust than the last.

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Without further ado, here are 10 things I can’t wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy.

10 Create my Wizard

I get to create my very own unique character in the Harry Potter world. A Hallmark Hollywood Walk of Fame level of feature in any worthwhile RPG game. In RPGs, character creation is a big part of that because I can basically either create myself or my most ideal self, fantasy self or character that I create in my mind. Pick an awesome name. Create an awesome look. Put scars, change my eye colour, and my hair colour and can essentially be whoever I want in this game.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

That is why character creation takes so long in RPG games. I just spend hours and hours designing and creating my characters. Sometimes I even do multiple playthroughs just to experience the different characters through the cutscenes, fighting and enjoying the RPG world with all its wonder. It is honestly one of the great joys of my life.

9 Fantastic Beast Fantasy

After watching all the Fantastic Beasts movies, falling in love with everything about Newt Scamander and how much care he took with his many many magical beasts. How he has this whole different entire world inside his suitcase, well entire worlds, actually “plural”. They were in fact different biomes/biospheres in which these magical beasts could thrive. He created them using magic and the wanderlust of awesome spells especially the undetectable extension charm which I think is one of the most overpowered spells of all time.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

I was slightly worried that there would be hardly any magical beast activity with it just being more based on capturing the experience from the books. But now, I finally get to live out my Fantastic Beasts fantasy. Where I can take care of them in a vivarium, create different biomes/environments for them, play with them using specific toys, feed them and love them. I think it’s really wholesome that the creators/developers included the ability to befriend these little adorable creatures or the majestic big ones. To me, they are the purest form of life and must be protected, loved, and treated with the utmost care.

8 Riding Mounts

The first one is the Onyx Hippogriff which is a pre-order exclusive. I mean who doesn’t remember the scene with Buckbeak and Harry Potter just having the time of his life flying that epic magical beast over the lake?

Now we get our very own, I wonder If I can name it or what their name is going to be. There is the Fantastic Beasts element to all of this where we get to tame them, create biomes for the mounts and play with them. Next is the Thestral mount which you get in the Dark Arts pack with the Deluxe Edition if you pre-order now. This one seems to have specific features in the Forbidden Forest. The other thing is you get to ride around on them like a regular horse mount but then take off to fly and soar majestically through the air. That looks so beautiful and peaceful.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

The third is, of course, the broomstick mount which is a synonymous element of the Harry Potter world. So yes, we’re not going to be able to play quidditch but still exploring the castle on your broom is still such an epic feature. They hinted in the gameplay footage that you can upgrade your broom at a shop in Hogsmeade. Mind you this story takes place before the Firebolt, and Nimbus 2000 so don’t get your hopes up on flying fast but the upgrades might allow for a small boost. Also, in some latest gameplay footage, we saw that you can summon and ride a massive Graphorn.

7 Choosing My House

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin – all the epic iconic houses that we’ve always wanted to be a part of, can finally be chosen. There’s apparently going to be a Sorting Hat in the game that will help you choose which house you’re going to belong to and if you’ve seen the common room tours that have been posted online for these different houses, it is beyond amazing and just beautiful, so intricately designed. I’m probably going to do at least 4 playthroughs just to experience the 4 different common rooms and being a student in each of these houses. I mean the Hufflepuff common room looks like the Shire! It looks like a Hobbit’s little cosy home. I love the opening, everything.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

I may have Gryffindor colours in my bones, but I have never wanted to be a Hufflepuff more just to experience that common room or my Hobbit fantasy and that lifestyle.

6 Getting my wand

To claim my very own wand. Ever since that scene with Harry getting his wand, the lights flickering and that instrumental musical background I’ve always wanted to get my own wand in the same way. Now in this game, we finally get to experience that same wonder. They haven’t really specified how we claim our wand yet if it’s going to be a whole sequence like the way the Sorting Hat does it. I really hope we get some of the classic wand cores, like dragon heartstring or Phoenix feather or unicorn hair, there’s even a Troll’s whisker imagine getting that as your wand core. It’s one of the biggest and most important parts of being a wizard or witch.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

Did you know? – How to transfer House & wand selection choice to Hogwarts Legacy

If you go on the Wizarding World website and then do the quizzes you will receive your house and wand there. Take the 8-digit code and head on over to the Warner Bros website to create an account to paste the code in. Then both accounts will be synced to your Hogwarts Legacy game. As a reward for this, you will receive a Beaked Skull Mask and a House Fan-atic School Robe.

I don’t know, I still want the whole choice and experience to come in-game with the cutscenes of claiming my wand and sorting into my house. This is why I’m going to be doing multiple playthroughs of the many different things that I want to try out. The different character looks, different houses, different wands, different everything.

5 Going to Class

I know, I know it’s crazy like when we were in school, we didn’t want to go to class but if you’ve finished school, you kind of miss it. The no responsibilities, the actual interest in learning things but here; these are the things I actually want to learn about. The different confirmed classes so far are charms, Defence Against The Dark Arts, Potions and Herbology. To actually learn in them and interact with the class is going to be so cool. Learning about mandrakes, creating an essence of dittany, learning protection charms and, of course, Defence Against The Dark Arts.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

Hopefully being able to go to the library to read some cool books and learn more about the Harry Potter lore. I really hope the classes are free-roam. I know it’s going to be part of the story element, in order to progress but it would be nice to just go to a class for the sake of just going to class. That’s the whole immersive experience right? I want to actually feel like a student at Hogwarts and go into this world and do regular daily things. Like feeding my different magical beasts in the vivarium we create and then going to my different classes, interacting with my friends at lunchtime and going to my dorm room after a long day to sleep.

4 Learning Spells

There are so many awesome epic spells that you get to use in this game, and I truly cannot wait to learn to use each and every single one of them. From the State of Play and gameplay footage, these are the spells that we’re able to do so far. We’ve got the Accio spell that lets you call things to you. Wingardium Leviosa which lets you levitate things. Descendo, Lumos to give light, Incendio to set things on fire, Oppugno, Petrificus Totalis, Defendo, Confrigo and many many more. Then of course there’s the Unforgivable Curses. Crucio which causes unimaginable pain, Imperio which forces people to do what they want and Avada Kadavra the killing curse.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

Now in the gameplay footage, they did say that every player will have access to this but I’m guessing that using them will set your character on a completely different path, just by using even one of them. In the FAQ they did answer that there’s no morality system but there will be actions and consequences that will decide what witch or wizard you will become. Now that kind of seems like a morality thing to me or maybe a karma engine that as soon as you use these Unforgivable Curses, you’re Unforgivable yourself. As we know from book lore just using Avada Kedavra, the killing curse, fractures your soul. It was what Voldemort used to make his different Horcruxes as every time he killed, he fractured his soul. Which he then turned into each Horcrux. So, it’s going to be interesting to see how we get to use these spells. I’m really excited for the golden classics but there has to be Expelliarmus and definitely Expecto Patronum so I can see what my Patronus is. I hope I can link it from the Wizarding World website like the house and wand.

3 Dueling and Combat

Combat in Hogwarts Legacy looks badass and we can see that for duel combat they encourage rhythmic combinations. You can sort of create a whole combo move set going with different buttons relating to spells that compound on each other, but it can get chaotic with multiple duelists in the area. There have been 2 confirmed finishers shown. The first one summons a massive lightning strike from above that completely decimate the enemies. The second pick enemies up and slams them around before dealing a deadly final blow. You can also use spells like Avada Kedavra to just end an enemy immediately so if I’m playing as a Slytherin then I’m going to be using that.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

Slytherins will definitely be able to use the Unforgivable Curses. We also saw that you can use different sorts of potions as protections besides the Protego spell. There’s a rock skin potion that increases your durability, a Wiggenweld potion which increases health and a focus potion which speeds up spell cooldowns. From Herbology you can use a Mandrake plant to stun enemies around you or a venomous tentacular plant which spits poison at enemies that damage them over time. So, you can use it like a turret to protect your flank or just aid in battle with multiple enemies.

2 Visiting my Favourite Places in and Around Hogwarts

In the latest gameplay footage, we hear them say that “every place that you can see around Hogwarts Castle is a place that you can visit.” And I cannot wait to explore all those areas, the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade, the lake around the castle, the boathouse and just everywhere inside Hogwarts. The charms class, the courtyard, the Fat Lady’s corridor, the Great Hall, the headmaster’s office, the kitchens with the house elves, the library, the owlery and, of course, the Room of Requirement.

10 Things We Can't Wait to do in Hogwarts Legacy

I cannot wait to see what that is all about and the animation of it all. It’s just about getting to explore all these nostalgic places that I loved visiting in the books that just painted such amazing pictures in my head, and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look in this game. Plus, Hogwarts castle is massive, it’s an entire castle, there have got to be so so many things to explore in this place and just walk around in quiet awe of everything.

1 Playing an RPG set in the Harry Potter universe

This has been my dream, my entire fantasy since reading my first book, since watching the first movie and that’s like 20-plus years lying in wait for this. To be my own character, to be my own wizard and go into Hogwarts castle, to be in my specific house, have my wand, duel different students, go through a storyline, have a magical pet, go to different classrooms, upgrade my wardrobe, learn more awesome spells and just become an all-around awesome overpowered wizard. This has just been my dream for so long and now it’s almost here. My soul is on fire for this game.

Hogwarts Legacy Saves Characters House Warner Bros. Games

It means the world to me and it’s one of the reasons that RPG games are my favourite to play because you get to be your own character, explore the world, and make the choices that you would make in that story. Tell me, just tell me reading the books and watching the movie didn’t just make you want to be a witch or wizard in that world, to receive your letter, to go to Diagon Alley first to get all your stuff then go to Hogwarts castle and live life as a student there.

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