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1200 Fortnite Skins Will Have Free LEGO Versions

Over the weekend, Epic Games hosted the long-awaited Big Bang event for its free-to-play battle royale, Fortnite. The event, which drew in millions of players worldwide, delivered a short virtual Eminem concert but also teased a handful of new modes that will be coming to Fortnite in the near future. These include the new Rocket Racing mode, a rhythm-based music mode and LEGO Fortnite, which will contain 1200 LEGO variations of existing skins.

Epic Games stated that 1200 Fortnite skins will receive LEGO variations as part of its new mode. Players will be able to find these LEGO variations in their locker as well as the Item Shop. Not every skin will get the LEGO treatment, likely due to licensing restrictions with the hundreds of skins taken from various IPs, though every original Epic-created skin will receive one. Epic promised that more LEGO skins will be released “regularly”, though some might have higher details than others.

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LEGO Fortnite will be coming to the game as a free update on 7 December and essentially overhauls characters and the world with the familiar colourful bricks.

Historically, LEGO has never worked with adult properties before so while we may receive skins for properties such as Marvel and DC, it’s very unlikely that Fortnite skins for the Xenomorph, John Wick or Robocop will get LEGO variations.

In other news, Epic Games also confirmed that 2024 will see the return of Fortnite OG and the original map. Given the popularity of the original map’s launch a few weeks ago which attracted 44.7 million players, it makes sense that the company would want to continue bringing the map back to draw in older players.

The game also recently came under fire for its age ratings and restrictions which prohibited the use of “inappropriate” skins in certain matches. Players quickly noticed that they were locked out of using skins either due to their attire containing ammunition and weapons or some skins like Carnage that were deemed “too scary” or graphic for use. Epic Games has since mostly reversed some of these restrictions.

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