PlayStation VR2 Release Date February 2023 Price Revealed Sony

14 New PlayStation VR2 Games Showcased

Between Sony sneaking new VR trailers onto its YouTube channel and the Upload VR event yesterday, 14 new games were announced for PlayStation VR2. Unfortunately, because of the way these games were announced, you likely don’t even know what was revealed and when. That’s why we are here. Here are some exciting new games headed to PlayStation VR2 in the months ahead.

Hubris VR

Releasing on 22 June

Launching on June 22nd on PlayStation®VR2, Hubris is an immersive VR action-adventure game set in a vibrant Sci-Fi universe. Explore unique movement options like swimming, climbing, and jumping as you gather resources, craft items, and upgrade weapons to conquer alien wildlife and enemies.


Releasing on 7 September

IT’S TIME TO GO BANANAS! TOSS! The bananas VR platformer will officially drop on September 7th 2023! Wishlist now.


Releasing in Q3 2023

Join members of the development team to learn about Barbaria and how to play in this video for the VR combat/builder mashup game. Attack other players, build defenses, and equip your team as you compete to be the Mightiest in Barbaria. Barbaria is available now on Quest 2, PC VR, and Rift, and coming to PlayStation VR 2. 


Releasing in Q4 2023

GAZZLERS is an insane VR shooter full of diesel-fueled chaos! Embark on an epic journey across the lands of Ginkgo and build awesome weapons to face hordes of crazy enemies in search of the Final Station. Will you be able to complete the Pilgrimage of Steel?

Paint The Town Red

Releasing in Q1 2024

Paint the Town Red VR is coming to the Meta Quest, PlayStation VR2 and SteamVR in early 2024.


Coming soon TBA

Grimlord is an RPG dark fantasy VR game where players will use a variety of weapons and armaments to slay any enemies in their way. With full customization and move sets without limit, players will be able to wield powerful spells to assist them on their journey. Grimlord is launching in Steam Early Access on June 22 for Meta Quest and launching soon on Pico, YVR, and PlayStation VR2.

Crossfire Sierra Squad

Releasing in August 2023

Check out some narrated, realism mode gameplay from Crossfire: Sierra Squad, the intense military VR shooter coming to Playstation VR 2 and PC.

B99 Overcooked

Releasing before the end of June

B99 is coming to PS VR2 in soon. Dive into the neon world of B99 and check out gameplay in this latest action-packed trailer, as well as the features available on PS VR2, including enhanced graphics, new game modes, new weapons, new enemies, new abilities, and new perspective.


Releasing in Q4 2023

Low-Fi is a VR RPG life-sim game that takes place in a retro-futuristic cyberpunk slum where you act as the sheriff of city block 303. Will you kick back and be entertained by the neon-soaked lights? Or fuel your lust for high-octane action? It’s all up to you in Low-FI, launching in 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation VR2.

Events at Unity Farm

Release date TBA

Check out the new trailer revealing a fearsome creature for the dark fantasy adventure VR game, Events at Unity Farm. Cast spells, take on terrifying undead enemies, and defeat powerful bosses in this open-world game. Mix potions and hunt for clues as you try to stop the impending Multipocalypse. The Events at Unity Farm demo is available to play on Steam.

A Fisherman’s Tale

Release date TBA

Bend and twist reality in A Fisherman’s Tale, the mind-bending VR puzzle adventure game coming soon to PS VR.


Release date TBA (seems to be October)

Hit horror game MADiSON is coming to PlayStation VR2 and Steam VR, and this trailer showcases the graphical improvements that have been made for this new, more immersive version.


Release date TBA

Check out the reveal trailer for Pneumata VR, the virtual reality version of the upcoming grisly horror game in which you play a detective desperately trying to piece together their fractured memories

Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut

Release date TBA

Take on the role of the deadly assassin Kenshiro as you travel across feudal Japan to defeat the Six Oni of Iga, a bandit group spreading chaos across the land. Through a wide variety of weapons, tools, and techniques, you’ll infiltrate conquered castles and outwit your enemies as you hunt down each Oni. With your cousin Ayane providing guidance back at base and your loyal wolf Haru on the field, prove yourself as the ultimate warrior and save Japan.

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