2018 Gaming: The Year In Numbers
2018 Gaming
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It’s the final week before the festive break and the perfect time to look back at what 2018 gaming had to offer. has released its third annual infographic which looks back at the year of gaming.

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Each year the organization hopes to give an overview of the last 12 months of gaming and includes a lot of data into one infographic. Also, each year the organization tries to make its infographic more insightful than previous versions, with the 2018 gaming version crammed full of useful information. The 2018 gaming infographic features the use of updated metrics (like the value of the global games market) as well as new metrics that are debuted in this year’s infographic (like looking at how long it took for key AAA games to be discounted on the official stores).

Some of the sources used to compile the 2018 gaming infographic included:

  • Newzoo: Global games market value, Boxed vs digital;
  • UKIE/GfK Chart-Track: UK boxed games sales;
  • IHS Markit: Days until digital discount;
  • ICO Partners: Most covered games;
  • Apptopia: Mobile top fives; and
  • Fancensus: Top influencers, Top games by Twitter retweets.

Some notable takeaways from the 2018 gaming infographic are:

  • The total 2018 gaming industry generated $134.9 billion;
  • Mobile gaming is the biggest in the market in 2018 at $63.2 billion;
  • Of the $63.2 billion generated from mobile gaming, $50 billion comes from smartphones;
  • PC gaming, which generated $33.4 billion in 2018, is smaller than console gaming, which generated $38.3 billion;
  • Fortnite was the most written about game in 2018, with more than 69 000 articles written about the game;
  • It took Marvel’s Spider-Man game 70 days before it was discounted; and
  • BBC Trolling was considered the top 2018 gaming influencer.

2018 Gaming

It was a huge year for gaming, and the industry is just expected to grow bigger and better by next year.

What have been the 2018 gaming highlights for you?






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