2019 Rugby World Cup Video Game Confirmed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

2019 Rugby World Cup Video Game
2019 Rugby World Cup Video Game Confirmed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Big Ben Interactive has announced that the publisher will be handling Eko Software’s release of a 2019 Rugby World Cup video game that will release later this year alongside the official tournament taking place in Japan.

Publisher Big Ben Interactive revealed in a press release that the game has been in development for 2 years ever since the release of Rugby 18. Big Ben states that the developer has relied heavily on the feedback from the Rugby 18 community in order to deliver a title that is faithful to the sport.

The goal is to create a new gold standard in rugby simulations for this year’s World Cup in Japan,

Previous releases in the Rugby video game series have not gone down well in the past. Rugby 18 being one of the most negative in the series due to the lack of official teams, names and even stadiums.

The gameplay was also just pretty average and clunky. Eko Software promise to fix the issues from past games. According to the developer, “numerous details have been reworked for this new opus: the tactical depth and graphics rendering have been improved, and the AI has been revamped. During the development of this new rugby game, the studio has surrounded themselves with experts in order to faithfully reproduce team tactics.”

Although no release date has been given for the 2019 Rugby World Cup video game as of yet, the official Rugby World Cup 2019 kicks off on 20 September 2019 so we can most likely see it his shelves and digital stores then.

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