The 2019 YouTube Rewind Features PewDiePie and is Already on 2 Million Dislikes
2019 YouTube Rewind PewDiePie Fans
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The YouTube Rewind is an annual showcase released by Google. It is used to celebrate the year’s biggest trends and creator moments in the industry and always becomes one of the most hated videos on the platform due to favouritism and politics. This year’s YouTube Rewind is no different as it features irritating YouTubers, loud people and annoying stunts for views. It also marks the return of PewDiePie who has been excluded from the video for the past two years after YouTube left him out due to racist and controversial remarks made on stream.

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The 2019 YouTube Rewind is a little different from past years and is made up entirely of current YouTube clips. Usually, YouTube pumps quite a lot of budget into filming fancy videos on location with the select content creators flown in to make an appearance. This year’s rewind was made up of chosen content across YouTube’s most-watched videos.

According to Youtube’s trends team, who are largely responsible for planning and producing the video, the 2019 Rewind is an attempt to be more in sync with YouTubers instead of trying to present an image of what people think YouTube was this year. This makes very little sense as it is a direct countdown of the biggest videos of the year.

However, even though the video has taken a completely new approach, it is still being trashed by the community. At the time writing, it has been viewed 14 million times and has 2 million dislikes. This will no doubt increase as the video gains more traction. YouTube is also aware of the risk involved in making the annual Rewind and claims that if this year’s approach does not go down well, they will try something else next year. You can watch the cringe video down below if you are into this sort of thing.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”900″]

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