2020 Claims its Latest Victim as Facebook Stops Supporting Farmville
Farmville Facebook
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2020 has struck again. Farmville is shutting down at the end of the year as Facebook prepares to end support for Flash games. Everyone out there has either heard of Farmville or played it once in their lifetime. The game gave birth to the ‘idle genre’ whereas players would manage and maintain a farm, plants vegetables, grow them and look after animals. The game became famous for its spam requests as friends would send you notifications to either play the game or you send them water or other resources to help them.


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Farmville launched back in 2009 and was a massive success for Zynga. The game peaked at 30 million players and saw 10 million daily players on the platform. It single-handily drove Zynga into the success it is today even though the mobile app spinoff failed to follow in the success of the original.

Facebook claims that players will have until 17 November 2020 to make in-app purchases. After which, its payment system will go offline. However, players can still play the game up until 31 December 2020. Zynga says there’s a handful of Farmville mobile games around and the developer plans on releasing Farmville 3 soon too.






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