2K Games Hacked

2K Games Gets Hacked – Sends Password-Stealing Malware to Gamers

Hackers seem to be having a field day at the moment in the gaming industry. Last week we saw the historical GTA 6 hack take place and this week 2K Games has been targeted by hackers. The attacks seem to be linked to Take-Two which is the parent company of both Rockstar and 2K Games.

According to 2K Games, the company was infiltrated by an “unauthorized third party” who compromised the help desk system and used it to send malicious links to customers. 2K Games confirmed that the attack happened just a day after the GTA 6 leak.

At the moment 2K Games did not confirm whether or not the latest hack is linked to the GTA 6 one. The company says that the attack targeted the support and help platforms and managed to send official emails to 2K Games members requesting them to reset their passwords.

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Of course, these reset password links weren’t real and instead, contained password-stealing malware.  2K Games is urging users to delete these emails and not click on any of the links that they have received from the support desk.

If users clicked on the link, because it looked totally official, they are urged to reset all their Chrome AutoFill passwords, enable two-factor authentication wherever possible and install and run an anti-virus software as soon as possible.

This password-stealing malware called RedLine malware is sold on the dark web and is able to locate and send sensitive data which is obtained during the attack. RedLine can steal passwords, email account login details, cryptocurrency wallet information, credit card details and more. More than 10,000 RedLine attacks take place each month.

2K Games has yet to share any further details regarding the attack. It has also since pulled down its support system until the hack has been fixed and cleaned. The only information comes from the official Twitter account.

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