3DMark Steel Nomad

3DMark Steel Nomad is Here to Replace Time Spy

PC benchmark enthusiasts rejoice! Time Spy is officially old news as 3DMark makes way for a newly improved PC benchmark called Steel Nomad. The new benchmark is now available as part of the 3DMark service and aims to usher in the future of PC benchmarking.

Time Spy has been the go-to for PC benchmarks since back in 2016. The test was the best way to showcase your PC and gaming notebook. Reviewers like myself would use Time Spy across multiple notebooks and GPU reviews. Using the score results, readers and viewers were able to gauge just how powerful a product was.

Steel Nomad will now be that new Time Spy test. 3DMark says users should look at this new benchmark as their new go-to for testing products. While Time Spy is still around and is not retiring, the Steel Nomad test offers various enhancements and modern-day systems that stress test the latest GPUs.

Running at a native 4k resolution, it improves upon Time Spy with more modern implementations of graphics technologies and is roughly three times heavier for your PC than Time Spy, and almost seven times heavier than Fire Strike. You can see this is not reflected in the data from a high-end GPU from 2024, as CPU bottlenecking is negatively impacting frame times in Fire Strike and Time Spy.

3DMark is also adding a cool new “Explorer Mode” to the software. In this mode, users can explore the benchmark scene and toggle various settings on and off to reveal different graphics workloads on the system. The company has also added Easter Eggs to the new Steel Nomad benchmark which you’ll be able to find throughout the scene.

To celebrate the launch of Steel Nomad, 3DMark is currently 75% off on Steam. At the moment, it costs just R99 and is a great addition to any gamer’s PC. Not only does it give you the option to stress test your rig but the software is also pretty to look at.

According to Guru3D, this new 3DMark Steel Nomad benchmark is pretty intense. The site tested 25 GPUs on the benchmark and only four were able to surpass 60FPS. Those include the RTX 4090, RTX 4080 SUPER, RTX 4080 and RX 7900 XTX.

You can pick up the software here. There’s also a video preview on Steel Nomad on the web page.

Source: 3DMark

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