4.1 Million PS5 and 2.2 Million Xbox Series X/S Consoles Sold in Six Weeks
AMD PS5 Xbox Series X Next-Gen Unreal Engine Release Date
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Even with all the stock shortages worldwide and all the scalpers, Sony has managed to sell a whopping 4.1 million PS5 units within the first six weeks of launch. According to VGChartz, the PS5 has outsold both the Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch when comparing the launch week’s figures.


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The PS5 is ahead of the Nintendo Switch by 1.70 million units and ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S by 1.95 million units. This means that worldwide, the Nintendo Switch has outsold the Xbox Series X/S over the past six weeks too.

PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Global:

  • PS5: 4,192,807
  • Switch: 2,497,355
  • XSX|S: 2,242,928


VGChartz reports that Sony now has the majority of the market share worldwide with PS5 sitting at 46.9%, Nintendo Switch at 28% and Xbox Series X/S at 25.1%.

Of the above numbers, the US makes up most of the console sales with the following numbers.

PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X|S vs Switch US:

  • PS5: 1,721,376
  • XSX|S: 1,235,026
  • Switch: 971,673


The remainder is made up of Europe and Japan.

PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Europe (5 weeks):

  • PS5: 1,496,028
  • Switch: 660,698
  • XSX|S: 589,363

PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Japan:

  • Switch: 607,057
  • PS5: 243,934
  • XSX|S: 32,057


Interestingly enough, VGChartz reports that when looking at worldwide sales, it took Nintendo 19 months to reach the current PS5 sales and 21 weeks to reach the current PS5 sales in the United States.

These numbers are great across the board. However, Sony’s stock management for the PS5 is still a major issue. Worldwide, the console is hard to find and can only be purchased online through various retailers. Here in SA, thousands of gamers are trying to get hold of one during the trickling of stock in various drops. They simply sell out withing seconds and retailers cannot keep up with the demand.

Source: VGChartz






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