4K PS5 Game Trailers Will Follow The 1080p Stream Tomorrow
"Sony will upload 4K trailers of the PS5 games announced tomorrow."

While Sony will only be streaming the PS5 Future of Gaming event in 1080p 30fps tomorrow, the company will upload 4K 60fps versions of the game trailers after the reveal. Sony originally announced that the PlayStation 5 stream taking place tomorrow will be limited to 1080p 30FPS due to internet restrictions in place from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The decision was to ease the pre-recorded livestream’s production process. However, that does not mean gamers won’t get to see the announcements in 4K. Soon after the stream, Sony will upload 4K versions of the trailers to YouTube so you can rewatch them on your fancy 4K TV. In addition, Sony states the games will look even better when you play them.

Sony most likely put this in place to help the developers prepare for the event. 4K video files are massive and with much of Sony’s workforce working from home, it could be a struggle to get these files ready and sent in time.

Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that while the original PS5 stream will be 1080p 30fps, the 4K versions of the trailer will go up soon after. Those games that are running at 60fps will also be uploaded at that frame rate. The company also urged people to stream the event wearing headphones as “there’s cool audio work in the show’.

The PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming stream kicks off at 22:00 SAT tomorrow evening and will play host to over an hour of new PS5 games. Sony will showcase a range first and third-party titles during the stream. Rumours claim gamers can expect to see the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, God of War, Final Fantasy and many more. You can tune into the PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming event on YouTube and Twitch.

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