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5 Battle Royale games to play in 2018 that are not PUBG or Fortnite


It’s no secret that right now most people are really loving battle royale games. The thrill of facing off against so many other players and fighting to be the last alive is certainly an appealing concept and with the booming of this genre, many different battle royale games have been developed and are pretty decent alternatives to the more mainstream ones like PUBG and Fortnite. So here we have the top 5 alternative battle royale games. Keep in mind these are in no specific order.

The Darwin Project 

The Darwin project takes the whole battle royale genre into a new setting, the snow that is. Players, similar to other battle royal games, must fight to survive through three rounds under the watchful eye of a player who will take the role of show director, which can act like a helping hand or saboteur for players, depending on what the person who is playing as the director wants. The game merges survival with battle royale whereas players need to use the environment to craft traps and weapons to give you the upper hand. 

The show director, on the other hand, used nuclear bombs, zone closures, storms and the power of his or her voice to make sure the players don’t make it out of the arena alive. Then there is the spectator’s role where stream viewers can bet on which competitors will win. They can also help the show director out by pointing him to where the players could be. It’s a pretty interesting twist on the battle royale scene.

Paladin's Battlegrounds

Paladins is already a free to play MOBA type game with various different game modes. But recently paladins released their battle royale game mode where you’d still play with your heroes who have different abilities and strengths and weaknesses. Team composition can be pretty important when trying to achieve victory in this game. 

The best part of this game mode is that every hero is different which opens up new avenues for players to experience each match in a different way depending on who they are playing with and against. As you play through the match you will be able to scour the map for chests that help you grow more and more powerful. If you die then you get turned into a chicken that can still traverse the map and revive teammates. Don’t ask why it had to be a chicken

Dying Light: Bad Blood 

Dying light bad blood. This spinoff in the styling series includes both PvE and PVP elements, where a player will be dropped into the world with 5 other players and tons of zombies and the mission is to evacuate successfully and do whatever you need to to get it done. I believe the world of Dying Light will make a great place for a battle royale type game because of how awesome the world is already, and adding a little bit of PvP to it will make it even better.

The best part about this game mode is that allies can turn to traitors faster than you think. In order to successfully escape with the chopper players will need to pay for their seat using blood samples harvested from the infected. You can now either work as a team or just steal samples from other players right before they are about to escape. This makes for a very Hunger Games-like approach to the genre.


SOS sounds like a Hollywood TV show and plays like one too. Instead of the typical 100 player match, there are only 16 of you who are contestants on a survival TV show who are left on an island full of monsters. The viewers of the show are actually real Twitch users who will then decide your fate and actions in the show. They will also be the deciding factor whether or not you get a good loot drop like a weapon or a bomb that will blow you apart instantly. Rounds last 30 minutes and only three players can be survivors at the end.

Hunt: Showdown

Similar to Dying Light, Hunt: Showdown incorporates both PvE and PVP elements into the game. Players are dropped into a world full of mutant zombies and creatures and are tasked with the duty of exterminating a special type of creature and escaping with its bounty, all at the same time competing with other players to obtain the bounty and to survive. Hunt: Showdown might not push the boundaries when it comes to anything new but it sure looks fantastic running on the CryEngine. The game is currently in alpha testing

And there we have it. Those are our top 5 alternative battle royale games. Are you considering trying any of them? Let us know in the comments below

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