5 Games that got stuck in Development Hell that we will never play
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It is sad that when we see games announced we always need to worry about the fact that it could somehow not make it to release day. Our dreams have been shattered a few times by cancelled games especially when the developers continue to show us content for it and even host betas (looking at you Fable Legends). We never know as media when the day will come when we need to post an article about a game being canned, and it is never good news. 

What is worse is when we don't even get to post the cancelled news rather we just stop posting about it altogether because somewhere along the line the game falls out the wagon and we never see it again. These games are never officially cancelled nor do we know if they are actually still in development. They just vanished off the face of the earth. Take a look at 5 games that we will never play because they fell into Development Hell. 

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