5 Reasons to give Metal Gear Survive a chance


Metal Gear Survive is out this week an there has no doubt been quite a lot of controversy surrounding its development without Hideo Kojima. I have been playing the game for a few days now and I am enjoying it. While it relates to the Metal Gear Solid series it does not harp on Kojima's story at all which is a respectful approach from Konami to keep his legacy intact at the studio. With that being said, Metal Gear Survive offers so many unique gameplay approaches that I had to just share five which I think would push you to give it a go. Take a look at the video below or read on for more. 

What is Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive takes place after the evacuation of Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V where the surviving members of the MSF who are left behind on Mother Base are instructed to collect the bodies of their fallen comrades and bury them in the sea. However, there is more than meets the eye as a member of the UN requests that one of the deceased gets taken with him. This fallen hero has been infected by a strange disease from another dimension and only he can travel to that said dimension to investigate the cause of the wormhole that opened during the attack on Mother Base. 

1. It's Metal Gear

The Metal Gear series has a certain flair to it that we all love. Its hidden comedy and its memorable characters all make it worth the playthrough and Metal Gear Survive is no different. Throughout the game, the Metal Gear Solid series oozes from every item and sound. If it's not walking into a bunch of enemies and hearing the iconic “exclamation” sound, it is mowing down enemies using a walker weapon which is an iconic mode of transport in the series. Many of its mechanics and features are directly influenced by the Metal Gear Solid series and while it may not be related to the story or Solid Snake in any way, it still plays like a Metal Gear game and will be familiar with anyone who has played the games in the past.

2. It's a survival game

Those of you who love survival games will love Metal Gear Survive. Right from the get-go, you are thrown into a wasteland with nothing but a pole to defend yourself with. Collecting resources, killing sheep for meat to cook on the fire, and bottling water to drink to keep your hydration up are just a few features that keep you on the lookout at all times. Venturing out of the base will then challenge you with even more survival mechanics as you need to take your oxygen count into account, and your limited weapons, arrows, and bullets. Every item is craftable into something more powerful and building your base and improving your character all depends on how well you can survive out in the wild. 

3. It has Co-op

Then we have co-op which we have covered before in another video based on the beta. The co-op in Metal Gear Survive is probably one of its finest features and it sees you and three friends rally together to help protect a Wormhole Extractor from the zombie threat known as wanderers. The co-op is challenging but fun as each player will be specialized in their own combat approach and you can all form a well-organized team together to survive until the end of the round. Co-op is only accessible later in the game after you have learnt a bit more about the game's mechanics but it is well worth the wait. The best part about this all is that everything you obtain in co-op, like blueprints and materials is carried over to single player and vice versa. 

4. It has a dedicated Single Player Story

If co-op is not your thing then the game has an excellent single player campaign that is shrouded in mystery. After you land in this alternate dimension you find a base and are instructed to rebuild it. How you do this is up to you and all sorts of secrets lie in the Dust, a deadly shrouded area beyond the base, just waiting to be discovered. The single-player campaign has a great mix of that Metal Gear we all love with the addictive survival mechanics of the game. 

5. It is challenging and rewarding 

Metal Gear Survive is hard but worth it. As you progress in the single-player campaign more of the game's features will unlock such as a home base objective defence mode where you will need to protect your base from the oncoming threat. When you are in co-op the missions may be tough but the better you do the better your loot. There is really nothing better than getting a purple blueprint to craft that perfect bow to take with you on your next scavenger hunt. The game is a great mix of risk and reward and if you have the nerves to handle the heat then you will be showered with treasures. 

Do you think you will give this a go? Sound off in the comments section below. 

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