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5 things to do after you complete the Monster Hunter: World campaign


If you have been grinding it out in Monster Hunter: World then you are probably at the same point where we are right now. Without giving anything away, you fight off a giant dragon and it sails off into the sea. The strange thing about this is that the game makes you think it is over but it is actually far from it. The story continues and there is much more to do than you think.

The last part of the game is a heavy grind as stronger gear can be made as well as stronger, almost-impossible to kill monsters arrive in the game and it flips the tables. Yes, just as soon as you think you are the these monsters come along and prove just how weak you actually are.

Possible spoilers to follow

With that being said, don't fear as the so-called “end game” has much more on offer than it seems. We count down the five things you can do after you complete the first campaign in order to help you through the later parts of the hunt.

Farm Zorah Magdaros

Once you’ve completed the Zorah Magdaros quest, occasionally it will be available again to take. Embarking on this quest again will net you all the Zorah Magdaros materials you need to craft some of the highest end gear available, such as some blast weapons and pretty awesome armour. The quest can become available every 2 to 3 mission you do, you’ll be able to do this mission a couple times before it disappears again. I highly recommend playing it when you have the chance. If it is not arriving on your quest board you can also just search for it via an SOS Request.

Collect the new “+” Materials

Once in high rank, which is the equivalent of a new game plus and endgame story, materials in the world will change, well some of them at least. New mining outcrops will pop up with new materials, new bones can be found in bone piles and of course, slaying monsters in high rank gets you the new version of their materials.

There will also be new monsters that appear to slay and harvest. You will know you are killing a high-rank monster as it will drop “+” gear. Once you have obtained these, new gear variants will be available to craft at the Smithy. Until you gain this gear it will not appear. This gear has a higher upgrade rank as well as the ability to put in decorations that boost attack, defence and other stats too. Sure, you will need to kill the monsters a few times just to make one piece of gear but it will be worth it in the end. 

Get all those Grimalkyne Tools

These furry friends can be located in each of the base game areas and have small side quests for you to complete. The rewards of these quests vary depending on which group of Grimalkynes you’re currently working with, but the rewards can range from a horn that your Palico can use to buff you to a device that lets your Palico harvest parts from monsters during battle.

The tools are great, especially if you self-heal which means you can replace your Palioc's default Vaporwasp healing tool with one of these cool ones. One of them even lets him place down a spark fly that you can use to blind the monster you are hunting. Sure, it is a tradeoff from the healing but they do come in handy. 

Take on rank 6,7,8 and higher tasks

Similar to the main game, there will be a given quest line for you to follow and it will take you through various areas slaying the same monsters but with new rewards this time around. The monsters will also be more difficult, so knowing the monsters' move set and weaknesses will be key. Just as you did in the first part of the game, you will need to build up your gear by collecting materials by fighting these harder monsters. Also, there are some new ones too ,so don't be disappointed and think that the game only has the monsters you fight at the start of the story.

Continue the grind

Craft that gear, kill those monsters and be awesome! Be it weapons or armour, the upgrades available once in high rank are a substantial step up from the regular weapons and armour. Of course, you’ll need to slay the monsters in high rank to obtain the new materials to make the new armour, but what’s wrong with a little grinding?

Everything we’ve already mentioned on this list will basically work towards this point, with the new monsters appearing it will allow the crafting of new weapons and armour which will help you slay the tougher monsters and then the cycle will continue. Many new creatures and elder dragons will be available to battle and this will add a large amount of content to go through in the post game. Although it seems like the end of the game once completing the Zorah Magdaros quest, it’s actually just the beginning.

Have any other tips for us for the last part of the game? Let us know in the comments below. 

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