5 times gamers knew they screwed up


We might be gamers, but that does not mean we are not human and make mistakes too. In the world we live in, there are often times when our gaming lives go from good to very bad. Be it because we pre-ordered a game, bought in-game items and failed to get what we wanted, or simply abused the system and got into trouble because of it. 

As gamers we do make mistakes, and often these mistakes live with us for a long time and we have sleepless nights lying awake and contemplating our own decisions. If you are like me and hate making these mistakes, then they feel like the worst thing you could ever do. Here are some moments where I knew I completely screwed the pooch and regretted ever tempting fate. 

The Witcher 3 Tax Season

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a fantastic game with so much going on in it that you really have to appreciate just how diverse and detailed its world is. That is to say, things often happen in open world games that cause bugs and exploits to take place. One of these things was the infamous gold exploit that let players take advantage of the game's gold system by farming cowhide and selling them. This resulting in unlimited funds for those who used the exploit. 


Well, those who thought they would get away with it were terribly wrong, as CD Projekt RED implemented a tax man to come after those players with more than 30,000 gold. If you were caught by this collector, he would ask you a series of questions and give you an opportunity to come clean about the sources of your income. If you were honest about exploiting the game, then you were charged a hefty sum of money which was meant to be the tax which you were now liable to pay. It was in this moment when gamers knew they screwed up and stood in front of the law, ready to be judged accordingly. 

The “nothing from loot box” theory

We have all had it. That moment when you tempt fate and decide to dive into the in-game purchase screen. “One loot box will be okay,” you say to yourself as you purchase 10 rather than one. It just makes sense, as the ten pack gives you one free, so winning! As you slowly open them you keep getting the same old crappy item over and over again. You have this skin already, oh look, the same emblem. In my case now it is normally the same hero or defender in Fortnite.


Ten boxes later and you have nothing to show at all from your in-game purchase splurge, but you are willing to give it another go. You head back into the purchase screen to discover that now, in theory, you are basically paying for that one extra loot box as you purchase yet another ten of them to try and get that darn skin before the special timed-event ends. You now realize that you are a few Rands poorer with only in-game currency to show for it. 

Saving in Lumiose City

Nintendo has a knack for releasing games as polished as ever. I mean, how often do you see news stories about game-breaking bugs in their titles? My point exactly. Unfortunately, there is that thing called bad luck and when Nintendo does have a bug it does a proper job of making sure your life is ruined. In Pokemon X there was a terrible, game-breaking glitch that saw the save file and progress of your adventure break completely.


When you reached Lumiose City and decided that it was now 3 AM and time for bed, saving your game outside would render your save file broken when you booted up the game the next day and decided to carry on your Pokemon binge. The world around you collapsed as you loaded up your save and the game was frozen. You tried over and over again, but alas, nothing. It was in this moment that you realized your Pokemon X career and all those late nights was all for nothing. 

I can totally beat this guy 

Gaming has a ranking system for a reason. Be it in an RPG where enemies are much tougher in different areas, or even while playing a ranked match online in a shooter or fighting game. These ranking systems are in place for a reason and sometimes us as gamers think we are good, if not very good and could totally take on the hidden boss in Final Fantasy VII, without even reaching the end of the game, or jump into ranked play thinking it will be a walk in the park. 


As we begin our match or fight, we slowly realize that maybe we should have practised a little bit more or grinded up a dozen or so levels before attempting the hardest content in the game. Unfortunately, we then come to the realization that as good as we are against A.I or Quick Play gamers we are matched with, we are just not up to the levels that the game requires. It is also because the hardest content is called “the hardest content” for a reason and you were completely destroyed because we actually do suck, as much as we denied it.

Reviews drop and they don't look pretty

Last, but not least, is probably one of the most heartbreaking feelings every gamer has. As we sit and wait patiently for our anticipated game to be released, we begin to watch YouTube videos on it, read previews, and just build this hype around it. We are confident that our money pre-ordering the game will be worth it, as we know that so and so always makes good games and why would the devs lie about something like this? 

It is now the day before the game releases and we can hardly wait, but everything changes after all reviews drop and the scores are just catastrophic. But how can this be? The videos, trailer, previews, and all your favourite loud arrogant YouTubers spoke so highly of it after playing it at an event they were flown to in business class to attend. Now the truth is revealed as reviews say otherwise.


It is one of those moments when gamers realize that they really screwed themselves by believing in these paid sponsorships, trailers that are edited to show a game's features that are not real, and of course, the developers who sometimes don't have the gamer's best interests at heart. This is the worst feeling in the world, and it beats losing your save, being taxed, and dying over and over again to a boss. 

Do you agree with my list? Have you ever felt completely screwed by something? Let us know in the comments below. 

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