5 times video games failed us

I have been a gamer my entire life and I have seen things, dark things. As gamers, we experience some rather nasty moments in our gaming careers that make us question life itself. It is the worst when we as gamers rely so heavily on the experience that when we are let down, it is almost like someone ripped out our hearts from our chests, threw them on the floor and stood on them. Here are the video games failed us.

It is tough being a gamer, not because it is an expensive hobby, but because there are times when we just get screwed sidewards and completely let down. If you are like me, then you will remember these sad, sad moments in gaming where we were all let down.

No Man’s Sky is just bad

I don’t think I have put a “fails list” together in the past year that has not included No Man’s Sky, and there is a reason for that. No Man’s Sky is the perfect example of how developers and publishers take advantage of gamers every day in the gaming industry. When it was first announced, we saw a game that could redefine space exploration in gaming forever. Living worlds with aliens and gorgeous ecosystems. Multiplayer, massive space battles and, of course, the promise that every planet would be different.


What we got, in the end, was a cheap tech demo with bland planets, a poor combat system, zero ecosystems anywhere to be found, and guess what? No Multiplayer. No Man’s Sky will forever be remembered for its disastrous launch, and it is single handily responsible for setting fear in gamers about pre-ordering new games. Hope you are happy Hello Games, you did bad.

Resident Evil 6 is also just bad

Sigh….Another bad one here. Before Resident Evil 7‘s great success, Resident Evil 6 was a hot mess. Capcom opted in for a longer, drawn-out episodic game which had some rather lacklustre action sequences combined with a poor story and an overall bad representation of what made the series so great in the first place.


Resident Evil 6 had one great chapter in the game and that was the opening few levels where you took control of series veteran Leon. After which the game slowly spiralled out of control with no real direction at all. It was no wonder Capcom went back to the drawing board with Resident Evil 7 and thank goodness they did, as it felt like a completely different game.

Kinect still useless

Microsoft has had a tough time with their Kinect sensor. Back when it was released in 2010, it delivered quite a new experience that used gamer’s bodies and movement to play specific games. It also had voice over and other cool features like a motion sensor and the ability to be incorporated into our favourite games. However, its life was short lived as the fad slowly died. Microsoft did not learn from their mistakes as they then worked on a new, improved Kinect sensor for the Xbox One, which as you guessed it, was a mandatory addition to the console when it launched.


Now gamers would not mind using this sensor if it actually had any use. Unfortunately, Microsoft completely failed to support it with anything groundbreaking and gamers simply refused to buy the Xbox One with the sensor. The issue here is that the console would not work without it. Microsoft then finally admitted that the Kinect was a failure and released the first ever Xbox One console without the sensor. This slowly phased out the camera and now even with the Xbox One S, you need a special adapter to use it on the system. If that is not a hardware failure, then I don’t know what is.

Duke Nukem tries but fails

You would think a game in development for over fifteen years would actually be good. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Duke Nukem Forever. Development for Duke Nukem kicked off back in 1997 after the huge success of Duke Nukem 3D. The game was meant to be the coming of age title for Duke where it would see him in a fully-realized action game with a plot, explosions, and of course, babes.

A few years later the game was nowhere to be seen and 3D Realms commented that we would get the game “when it is done”. In short, the game took fifteen years to release after various financial issue at 3D Realms, which saw the series being sold to Gearbox Software.


Finally, in 2010, Duke Nukem Forever made his return in a terrible, terrible way. Duke Nukem Forever was probably one of the worst games of the last generation as the overall experience was simply disastrous. Everything about the game was a hot mess from the plot, gameplay, voice over, and poor use of jokes. It was just not anything worth playing. Currently sitting on a 49/100 on Metacritic, some critics called the game “a disease”, and the “shittiest game ever made”. Fifteen years of waiting down the drain.

Medal of Honor fails…..twice

If you gamed in the 90s then you would know that the king of FPS was not Call of Duty, but rather Medal of Honor. The series was the pinnacle of FPS games set during World War. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is still one of the best war-based action games ever made, and Medal of Honor: Airborne is an extremely underrated title. Well, EA thought it wise to reboot the Medal of Honor series, which we were all very excited for. In a world with Battlefield and COD, Medal of Honor would give us some great options to choose from.


Unfortunately, this was not the case as the game did not do as well as EA hoped. Reviews were not bad, but they were not good enough to warrant a purchase of the game. Knowing EA would do EA things, they did not stop there as they immediately began work on a sequel to the title. Two years later, Medal of Honor: Warfighter released to extremely negative reception.

Poor A.I, graphics, action, and an overall cheap way to make a quick buck was the main idea behind the game. It lacked any sort of reason to buy it, and you were better left going with Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which was released around the same time. Medal of Honor has not been seen or heard from since the double slap in the face.

Do you recall any of these pic gaming fails? Let us know in the comments below.

This post has been edited and reposted to reflect current dates and prices

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