505 Games and Remedy recently came under fire after announcing a new Control: Ultimate Edition. The publisher claimed that this fancy version of the game was the only way users could benefit from a next-gen upgrade of Control. In short, if you own Control and its season pass on PS4 or Xbox One, you won’t be able to get the visually enhance, higher frame rate version later this year. Users will have to purchase the Ultimate Edition again in order to get this upgrade.

Remedy and 505 Games claimed this approach was the only possible way to deliver a next-gen version of Control saying;

“The upgrade path that we are offering is only possible when upgrading from the same version of the game”.

However, users have reported that their current Deluxe Editions were recently replaced with Control: Ultimate Edition versions. It seems that after the Ultimate Edition launched yesterday, there was a license mixup and current owners of the game were given the next-gen upgradable version instead. Something 505 claimed was not possible.


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According to ResetEra, some users launched the game after it claimed they owned the Ultimate Edition. However, soon after the PlayStation Store listing changed from “download to my PS4” to “Add to Basket”.

The same thing happened to Xbox users who owned the Control Deluxe Edition. The console told them that they owned the Ultimate Edition for a short time. However, it quickly reverted back and revoked the license. It seems 505 Games and Remedy are trying to hide the fact that they can indeed grant Ultimate Edition access to users who own the game and season pass already. They just don’t want to.

A ResetEra user posted this;

Okay so 13 hours ago, and throughout the day, I was able to download control from the Ultimate Edition store page and it showed as purchased on my end. Now, the web browser store and the store on PS4 tells me to “add (the game) to my basket” instead of “download to my PS4.” They flicked the switch to prevent access that they previously allowed.

It is a strange situation indeed. Surely, 505 Games could have just granted Control owners access to the Ultimate Edition license as they did for a couple of hours. Multiple developers have done this before. Think back to the PS4 launch were users who owned say “Journey” on PS3, automatically owned it when it launched on PS4. Smell fishy.

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