560GB Watch Dogs: Legion Source Code Leaks Online
"Oh, the irony."

There’s a hacker group out there that is causing some chaos for a few developers. The group called “Egregor” confirmed back in October that they managed to access internal networks for both Crytek and Ubisoft. Now, the Watch Dogs: Legion source code has leaked online and is available to download on various private trackers. The source code weighs in at around 560GB.


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This may not sound like a big deal but it is. Egregor managed to sneak into Crytek’s internal network and at the same time they discovered details about a few in-development projects. This includes Crysis Next, Crysis VR, a new Ryse game and source code that reveals a Crysis 2 and 3 remaster. The Watch Dogs: Legion source code may hold secrets to Ubisoft’s current projects. In addition, the code will allow hackers to find ways to bypass the game’s anti-piracy tech. They may also a way to bypass games the developer my release in the future.

Piracy aside, it also gives modders free access to the game’s code which allows them to work on mods. They may also find ways to further optimize it through performance and visual enhancements. It is not all bad. Keep in mind that downloading the Watch Dogs: Legion source code is also illegal so don’t go looking for it. You will also realize that the 560GB files may be tough for an average PC user to work around. There’s more than just an exe file to launch in this Ubisoft source code. It relies on installing engines and other third-party software to run the game. It is all a bit ironic is it not? A game about hacking being hacked?

You could also just buy the game and play it without spending your valuable time trying to work out how source code works. Watch Dogs: Legion, besides its bland story, is pretty awesome. You can read my review here and watch it down below.

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