80% of Battlefield Trailer Leaks Online Through Screenshots
Here's the trailer…. sort of"
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Over the past few weeks, more and more Battlefield screenshots have leaked. These images have supposedly been taken directly from the reveal trailer which is set to debut in June. However, you may not have to wait that long thanks to a new sequence of images that have pieced together all the leaked screenshots into one. This results in a gif that showcases almost 80% of the Battlefield trailer.

Of course, this leak does come with its own issues. For starters, the person who uploaded all the images stuck a massive cringe meme on the front of it to avoid EA from seeing the user code watermarked onto the image. If they did not do this, EA would no doubt find out where the trailer originated from and the user would be in a world of mess.


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It also doesn’t help that the gif is of low quality given the state of the previously leaked images. We have yet to see a decent non-potato screenshot of Battlefield to date. However, the gif is still great to see as it showcases the action and in particular, the rocket launch. We also know the images are legit thanks to Tom Henderson, a prominent Battlefield leaker and source who has accurately leaked most of the information from the game already.

I know this is not the most ideal way to watch the trailer. In fact, it is the furthest thing from an actual trailer in the first place. However, until we get the real thing, this is better than nothing. Check out the Battlefield trailer down below.


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