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9 Important Tips For Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

It’s a whole new world we live in, but you still gotta catch ‘em all and be the best that you can be! Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were released this past Friday and I have been playing non-stop since. Finally, we have a truly open-world Pokémon experience. A whole new generation of Pokémon awaits us. Here are some of the recommendations I wish I had gotten before starting the game.

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Get the Dash Ability for your mount

Getting the dash ability for Koraidon or Miraidon should be your first priority. I can’t tell you how invaluable it is to have this in your exploration and after having only gotten it last in my first play through I can tell you it saved my sanity because the frustration of a slow gliding Miraidon was too much to bear. Somehow Pokémon Scarlet feels much smoother and more dynamic to play.

As soon as you complete the prologue of the story “The First Day of Schoo”l and get into the free roam mode of the game, open up your map and set your destination to the “Stony Cliff Titan” icon in South Province (Area Three).

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Review - Wonderful Wanderlust

To prepare for this you need to be at least over level 15 but thankfully there are many trainers from Mesagoza to your destination to get you well and properly prepared. The titan is a rock type so if you chose Sprigaitito or Quaxly as your starter they can knock this out-of-the-park easy-peasy lemon breezy. If you chose Fuecoco, then catch and train up a grass, water or fighting type to help you out.

Mind you there are beautiful moments to experience with the cruising speed of Koraidon or Miraidon. Sunsets in the water or over hilltops to billowing grass are such a spectacular immersive experience as a Pokémon fan that brought me great tranquillity. It’s no breath of the wild but it has its moments of serenity.

How to Evolve Charcadet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

These two are the coolest Pokémon to have in your team and they provide a great balance to compete with upcoming enemies. They learn epic moves. You get Armarouge in Scarlet and Ceruledge in Violet. Ceruledge is a fire/ghost type that is the physical attacker while Armarouge is the special attacker with two of my favourite types combines fire and psychic.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet How to Evolve Charcadet

To get them you need a Charcadet, I found one easily enough on route to the stone titan or in a mass breakout in Violet. To evolve Charcadet in Scarlet into Armarouge you need 10 Bronzor Fragments. To evolve Charcadet into Ceruledge in Violet you need 10 Sinistea Fragments.

  • Bronzor Locations – East Province Area 2, South Province Area 2, South Province Area 3, South Province Area 4, South Province Area 5, West Province Area 1, West Province Area 2
  • Sinistea Locations – East Province Area 3, South Province Area 6.

Simply have your Pokémon out using the new “auto-battle” feature until they collect 10 fragments then head to Zapapico. There is an NPC just down from the Poke-center by a fountain who will exchange them for the armour item you need to evolve Charcadet.

Unlock Fast Travel Points in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Another invaluable element, unlock as many fast travel spots as you can. As part of the open-world experience, you can do most of the above by just running around unlocking Poke-centers around Paldea. You don’t have to face the strong Pokémon or trainers unless you’re ready to. There’s the Pokedex list online now so you can pre-determine which Pokémon you want on your time and go to the right places to get them then continue the story.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Review - Wonderful Wanderlust

Or you can go in blind and enjoy the experience of seeing plus catching all the new generation of Pokémon. It was definitely a new experience for me going in blind with no walkthrough or not knowing what Pokémon there are, but it was truly so entertaining to discover it all on my own and decide which to be on my team.

It just holds credence to the fact that your team is your team, your preference and you can make it up of whoever you want. So don’t just unlock the Poke-centers, there are looming towers as well with Gimmighouls on top that allow you to fast travel there too as well as certain single NPCs that can heal and offer that point too.

Balance Out Your Team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Depending on which starter you chose, I would suggest getting the remainder types on your team. So, if you chose Fuecoco then get a water and grass type Pokémon to compliment the type. This also maximizes your potential to deal with any enemy Pokémon thrown at you and minimizes your chances to take super-effective damage.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Review - Wonderful Wanderlust

But like I said this is really your game, I saw a lady who only wanted all the dog-looking Pokémon on her team that she even boxed her starter! Even at high levels, I really struggled at the Elite Four with my team consisting of only the new generation 9 Pokémon, but I built them up all the way through, so we made it through somehow.

Gyms Badges Mean More Freedom in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Having a number of badges will make it easier for Pokémon of higher levels to catch and obey your commands. Unlike past Pokémon games, this bonus is now tied to the number of badges you have, rather than a specific badge itself.

Levelling up in this game can be quite easy with the auto-battle feature, experience sharing and items you get in tera battles, so it’s best to get as many gym badges as you can manage early on and then not worry about your Pokémon obeying you or catching an awesome high-level one that you can’t use right away. {*cough…Lucario/Garchomp}.

Use Quick Balls and Sleep Powder

As soon as you possibly can get yourself quick balls, they allow you to catch a Pokémon on the first turn without needing to weaken it. Doesn’t always work but you can always run and engage the Pokémon again to try. You can get them either by picking up a random sparkly bit or at the auctions at Porto Marinada or after you get 8 league badges.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Review - Wonderful Wanderlust

It can be quite a grind and timeous process to catch all the new generation Pokémon plus returning ones that you encounter, so this will really help. If you enjoy the feeling of achievement in the catching process, then I definitely recommend you get a Pokémon with sleep powder, or any sleep move really so long as it hits. Once the Pokémon is asleep you can chuck the appropriate Pokeball. Don’t even need to weaken them in most cases, sleep effect has always been the best way to catch Pokémon.

Have Autosave On

Now this game is hella glitchy so having auto-save and also making a habit of saving before and after important bits or just all the time really can really save you from the hair-pulling or yelling at the universe should the game crash or some unexpected drama unfolds.

When in doubt ask Nurse Joy

If you’re not sure where your adventure should take you next, you can always ask Nurse Joy to recommend your next destination however please note that she recommends based on proximity not level or even the story arc. So, as I mentioned before in my first play I solely relied on this, and she only brought me to the dash ability titan towards the end where I was ridiculously overpowered and couldn’t appreciate the ability as much.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Review - Wonderful Wanderlust

Explore, Explore, Explore

One of the elements that are the entire joy of this game is the exploration. Both the fun and dread of finding some secluded nook in the landscape where a rare Pokémon be chilling. Rare and often high level, which is where the dread comes in, but also a huge sense of accomplishment should you manage to capture them. Also, lots of cool items and secrets to unlock.

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