A Conversation With Ross Butler at Comic Con Africa

Comic Con Africa 2022 was a spectacle to behold and experience. From cosplay to comic book artists, tattoos and international guests, it truly was a celebration of everything “pop culture”. Over the past few days, we’ve spent some time recapping various parts of the convention so that even if you couldn’t attend, you can still feel like you were there with us.

You can find all our posts here if you want to read our event coverage.

Leading up to Comic Con Africa, I had the pleasure of writing up a few deep dives into the international guests. Giving readers an easy way to get up to date with who each actor is and where you know them from. One of these deep dives covered none other than Ross Butler (you can read that post here). Then during the convention, I sat down and spoke with him about our shared love for board games, how he feels about 13 Reasons Why and a bunch of other stuff. Here is a part of that conversation; the full video interview can be found below.

A Conversation With Ross Butler At Comic Con Africa

Arielle: When you booked the role in 13 Reasons Why, did you have any reservations about taking on a role in a show that touched on such serious and sensitive topics and how does playing a role like that affect you?

Ross: Honestly, No. That’s something that actually drew me towards the show- that it was talking about these mental health issues because if you think about it, before 13 Reasons Why there wasn’t a lot of conversation about mental health – at all. And you know, people say the show is controversial and everything, and despite all that, what we did was start a conversation, people began talking about it, and that’s what we all wanted to do. We just wanted to get it in people’s minds and start the conversation on a worldwide basis, so that’s actually what drew me to it because, as an actor, I want to bring things like this to the forefront.

A Conversation With Ross Butler At Comic Con Africa

Arielle: In a previous interview, you spoke about your ambition to open a board game bar one day. Is that true?

Ross: Yeah! I mean, I love board games. I got into the indie board game scene because I was shooting a movie, and there was a board game cafe, and I got introduced to this weird Polish board game called “Mysterium”, but that introduced me to the weird underground world of board games, and I just got really into it. I think I have 30 to 40 board games. The only reason I didn’t open up a boardgame cafe/bar – because it was going to be a bar – is because when people start to drink, you start to lose pieces, so I’m like, what’s the overhead? How many extra pieces do I have to invest in? So that sounded like too much, so now I just have gaming as a hobby.

Arielle: What are three of your favourite board games

Ross: Oof.. “King of Tokyo” is one of my favourites; “Mysterium” is still one of my favourites, too; that’s like a really cool dream interpretation game and then… “We’re Not Really Strangers”. It’s a game about conversations, you literally just pick up a card, and it asks you a question, or it has a question of the other person depending on how many are playing, and I’ve played this game with some of my best friends, and I’ve learned new things about them.

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