A German Politician Wants The Term “Esports” Exterminated
Esports Exterminated
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The world is filled with real, important issues right now that politicians can tackle, and the term “E-Sports” or as we use it, “esports”, is not one of them. That hasn’t stopped a German Politician, State Minister of the Interior and for Sports, Hesse Peter Beuth, from giving his two cents about esports. Basically, Mr Beuth wants the term Esports exterminated as it has nothing to do with real sports, according to him.

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After you’ve managed to get your palm off your face, here’s why Mr Beuth wants the term Esports exterminated, according to a report by Spieltimes.

The ruling coalition in Germany has plans to acknowledge Esports in the union. This will allow Esports organisations and athletes to benefit from some rights in the union, and they can also establish clubs with welfare and benefits as covered by the German law. That’s why, according to reports, Mr Beuth said at a gymnastics and sports congress that:

E-Sports have nothing to do with sports. We need to exterminate that termI’m not sure yet how moving the thumb and forefinger is supposed to be a sport, even if there’s something moving on the screen. This congress is about education and health. We want to get the kids into the gym and into the field. Gaming has its value. But it does not belong in a sports organization as such because it adorns itself with a title whose values I miss there.

My personal take on this is that esports should just be left alone. Becoming a professional esports player takes a tonne of dedication, sometimes even more so than a regular sport, in the cases where someone is just naturally strong and with less training than others, they can lift immense weights or tackle someone into oblivion. Then, we must also remember that Chess is considered a sport, which requires less physical effort than esports. If you’ve ever seen Korean pro Starcraft players manage to hit more than 300 actions per minute and suffer from injuries because of it, then you know what I am talking about.

That’s just my personal opinion, however, so what do our readers think about the statement by Mr Beuth? Let us know in the comment section below and share your take on esports.






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