Optical Illusion

A New Optical Illusion Has People Divided – What Do You See?

Another optical illusion has been spotted online and it is dividing the internet.

Spotted on Twitter and posted by Nayem, the image shows off what we thought was a beach at first. Sure, the weather looks a bit shoddy but I generally thought it looked like a beach.

However, that is actually not the case. According to the Twitter user, the image is actually the bottom of a car which has a bit chipped off of it and needs to be repaired. The sand is under the car and the white ripples are just car damage.

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If you are looking at the “sky”, the image looks like a beach without a doubt but if you are focusing on the darker shades of the sand, you can clearly see the bottom of the car.

The strange thing is no matter how many times you look at it if you think about it as being an image of a beach, it looks like one and if you think of it as the bottom of a car, it looks like that too.

Unlike the colourful dress and shoe that circled around the web a few years ago, this one still messes with your mind no matter how many times you look at it.

Of course, the big debate here is what you see first. Do you see a beach or were you able to spot the car bumper before you realized it was not a beach?

Let us know what you spotted first down in the comments below.

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