A Palworld PS5 Version Will Be Considered

Pocket Pair, the studio behind the latest gaming phenomenon Palworld, says a PS5 version isn’t on the cards just yet but it will be considered during the current development of the game, according to the official FAQ. If you don’t know, Palworld released on 18 January but the game isn’t officially “out” in version 1.0 yet. Instead, the current build on Steam and Xbox Series X/S is in early access.

Sony doesn’t particularly always support early access launches on PS5. There are only a handful of titles which managed to get released on the platform in an early access state. Wayfinders, for example, is one of them. However, most of the time, early access games don’t get certified by Sony and as a result, only launch on Xbox and PC. That’s why Xbox Game Pass is often used as a platform for many early access games.

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Palworld is currently available on Xbox and PC because of its early access launch. But that doesn’t mean the game will never see the light of day on PS5. At the moment, there’s no publishing deal in place for Palworld so there’s a high chance Pocket Pair will work on a PS5 port somewhere down the line. Sadly, if this were to happen, Palworld would only launch on PS5 when it leaves early access which could take a few years.

With that being said, the PC Steam version of Palworld is where you would want to play the game in its early access build. The Xbox port is missing quite a number of features and most of the visual enhancements aren’t available yet either. For example, on Xbox Series X/S, Palworld servers are maxed out at 4 players compared to 32 players on PC.

Pocket Pair says the difference between the Xbox and PC versions comes down to certification. The Xbox version is currently a few updates behind the PC build and as a result, is missing the latest patches. The hardware is also limited in performance which caps the server limit. However, things will change over the course of development.

Source: Steam FAQ 

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