A Quiet Place Day One Digital Release

A Quiet Place: Day One Might Already Get Digital Release Later This Month

Despite just hitting cinemas last week, it seems like A Quiet Place: Day One might already get a digital release later this month. It serves as a prequel to 2018’s acclaimed horror movie A Quiet Place which documents the arrival of the mysterious aliens on Earth and how humanity reacted to the apocalyptic event.

According to When to Stream, Paramount Pictures is releasing A Quiet Place: Day One on VOD and digital platforms on 30 July 2024, less than a month after it hit theatres. While Paramount hasn’t officially confirmed the digital release, the movie was included in its July 2024 preview video which has since been removed. We recommend taking this with a grain of salt for now as dates are always subject to change.

A Quiet Place: Day One serves as a prequel and spin-off to A Quiet Place written and directed by Michael Sarnoski with a story conceived by original director John Krasinski. It tells the story of humanity’s first encounter with the aliens who viciously attack the planet, showing how the survivors came up with solutions to keep quiet as the aliens are drawn to sound. The synopsis reads:

“After the events and revelations of ‘A Quiet Place’ and ‘A Quiet Place: Part 2’ it is time to go back to ‘Day One’. Following Sam (Lupita Nyong’o) as she’s on a group trip in New York City, everything is going fine, until the invasion that sends the world into silence begins. Can the city stay quiet and can Sam and Eric (Joseph Quinn), a new unlikely friend, make it somewhere safe?”

In other news, it seems like Zack Snyder’s Justice League could be getting a theatrical release soon. The director recently teased the news on his Vero account suggesting that we’ll get to see the 4-hour superhero epic on the big screen very soon.

Source: When to Stream

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