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A Revamped Marvel’s Avengers Experience is Still Happening in 2021

Square Enix is trying to fix Marvel’s Avengers. In specific, the company wants to work on the game’s inventory system, gear progression and other in-game mechanics. If you have played the game then you probably know that these issues greatly hinder the experience. While the company hasn’t confirmed what these tweaks are, they have claimed Marvel’s Avengers will be “more rewarding” and offer a better “late-game focused” experience.

Marvel’s Avengers is fun but as soon as you complete the story chapters, it becomes a snooze-fest and the grind for improved power and gear isn’t enjoyable at all. Not only do these changes spell out an improvement for the early game but the tweaks might just make the end-game experience much better too.

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Is it too late? Well, it could be. Fans of the game have smacked back at Square Enix after this announcement saying they won’t go back. Many of them complaining that these issues should have been fixed last year when the game was released. This has been an issue for months now. Many users also claim that the reused assets for new content have become boring. However, life-service games often do this.

Square Enix has been working on Marvel’s Avengers quite a lot but the work doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Earlier this year, the company rolled out a massive change that removed skin drops from the gameplay. This was one of the only reasons to keep playing the game so in theory, users had no need to go back.

Last month, the Black Panther expansion also arrived in Marvel’s Avengers and it saw the player count spike for three days before dropping to another all-time low.

While we don’t know exactly what these changes are, we can only hope for the best at this point. A complete rework of the game’s systems has been a need for a while now so let’s wait and see.

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