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Abandoned Director Now Says Prologue is a Whole Separate Game

Abandoned has been in the spotlight lately following Blue Box Game Studios mysteriously deleting all tweets related to the game, sparking some concerns about the game’s cancellation. However, game director Hasan Kahraman has now provided an explanation for why this happened and how the Prologue and Abandoned are, in fact, two separate games.

Speaking to IGN recently, Kahraman explained that the reason why they deleted the Abandoned tweets was because the concept had “changed” and they would only post relevant information from now on. He also reiterated that Abandoned and Prologue – which was previously believed to be, well, a prologue connected to Abandoned – are both standalone games.

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Kahraman’s full response to the internet’s reception of the deleted Abandoned tweets reads:

“I did not see that coming. I didn’t think that the community would respond that way. Basically, the tweets were deleted because some of the concept has changed, and I figured maybe just deleting the tweet and then tweeting more relevant information would be a better idea – which was actually not a good idea. I have learned now just to keep them. Even if the information or concept changed, just keep the older information because people eventually will see for themselves what the difference is and then see what’s more actual.”

Kahraman then went into detail about Prologue, stating that it’s a standalone release planned for later this year. According to the director, it will be a short game that will potentially help fund the full development of Abandoned. According to some reports, the studio has run out of money, and Kahraman believes Prologue’s earnings will aid in its development costs:

“The Prologue is not a demo. People keep saying it’s a demo. It’s not a demo. It’s actually a standalone game, right? It has a price tag. It’s low because it’s probably about an hour, two hours of gameplay. But yeah, it’s a reasonable price tag. It’s not really that much. But the revenue collected from the Prologue will actually be used to fund the development for Abandoned, right? So, we’re actually self-funding the game with the revenue collected from the Prologue. So, that’s why we want to release the Prologue first.”

Kahraman states that they plan to add more content to the currently dormant Abandoned Realtime PS5 App over the course of 2022 and sometime after Prologue’s release, they’ll start showcasing more of the actual game through new footage.

Abandoned‘s marketing has certainly been interesting, to say the least. It originally began as a conspiracy theory claiming that Hideo Kojima was behind the clever ruse, with circumstantial evidence pointing to it being a new Silent Hill game. Blue Box Game Studios would later post an eye-patched figure in one marketing still, adding more fuel to the fire that it was Konami-related and even connected to Metal Gear Solid.

Kahraman recently said that he reached out to Konami to clarify the Silent Hill rumours, saying that it was never his intention to make the coincidental connections in their secretive marketing. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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