Abandoned Leak Reveals Partial Script and Motion Capture Video

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Abandoned Leak Reveals Partial Script and Motion Capture Video

Blue Box Game Studios went radio silent in order to work on its upcoming PS5 horror title, Abandoned. While the rumour fires have somewhat faded recently, some new leaks have brought the game back into the spotlight. These include a new image, some motion capture work caught on video and a piece of the script. Be warned, it’s all a bit rough.

Reddit user leabandonedleek recently posted some in-development footage of Abandoned, revealing one page from the game’s script as well as a new image containing what appears to be a brick wall shown from a first-person perspective. The last bit of footage posted includes an early motion capture video showing the animation process for when a character is shot in the leg and how they might heal themselves.

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The script, though difficult to make out, reveals a conversation between two people. One of them talks about something called “Zero Cell”, a bio-weapon supposedly “engineered by AI computer simulations in real-time” that wields some sort of power. The conversation then strays into top-secret organisations and “project blue box” which isn’t subtle at all. Basically, it sounds like something straight out of Resident Evil.

The image showing the brick wall gives us no indication of the game’s visuals, though the textures seem fine. Finally, the motion capture video shows a character (presumably the player character) getting shot in the leg and what they’d have to do to mend the gunshot wound. This lines up with Abandoned previously being sold as a realistic survival horror experience.

So far, Blue Box Game Studios have done little to really showcase exactly what Abandoned is. The PS5 app hasn’t been updated with any new trailers or promotional material since its launch months ago, letting the excitement surrounding the game die down since the whole Kojima/Konami debacle.

Abandoned is currently in development for PS5.

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Source: Reddit

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