Abandoned PS5 App Trolls Players With a Teaser Trailer

"Feeding the trolls"

Blue Box Games Studios Abandoned
Abandoned PS5 App Trolls Players With a Teaser Trailer

Blue Box Games Studios finally managed to sort out the massive bug with the PS5 Abandoned app that was preventing it from starting. However, players were quickly let down by the experiencer after they realized the app was simply a teaser trailer with seconds of footage.

The Blue Box Games Studios Abandoned app comes in at 5.1GB so you would think there was something to look at in the game. Unfortunately, all you get to see in the app is a brief trailer of some guy walking across the room in a pair of jeans. That is it… After weeks of speculation and the studio hyping up the release of this so-called “real-time experience”, we got ten seconds of footage.


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The worst part about this whole situation is the fact that players have already seen this gameplay footage. The short snippet was already shared by the studio earlier last week. So to download the app, have it not work for four days and then experience nothing new, is quite a slap in the face to gamers.

According to Blue Box Games Studios, the app is still going to change. At the moment the studios say the app is just a teaser. They claim that more footage will unlock in the coming weeks. We can only hope it works as they planned. We don’t know what Abandoned is at the moment. Is it Silent Hill? Is it Metal Gear Solid? Or perhaps it is indeed a separate game made by this inexperienced studio?

All we know is that it has been months now and the studio has constantly fed the internet conspiracies. They have given into the trolls and used every opportunity to gain exposure through these Silent Hill rumours. Ultimately, it will be their downfall if this is just the start of the mediocre reveal.

The Abandoned PS5 app is now available on the PlayStation Store. However, you can just watch the footage down below to save your time.

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