The Acer Thronos Air Gaming Chair Costs R250k, Comes With No PC But Will Massage Your Back
Acer Predator Thronos Air
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The Acer Predator Thronos is a fantastic device. We went hands-on with it a while back and loved it, even though its price tag is a little extreme. The chair features some high-end tech with three displays that wrap around your head for an immersive gaming experience. At IFA yesterday, Acer announced the new Thronos Air and if you thought you would never be able to afford the last model, nothing has changed with the new one.

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Why it is called the Predator “Thronos Air” is still beyond me as it is far from lightweight but perhaps its price tag of $14k over the original’s $20k could be why Acer went with that name. Instead of the automatic motorized door, the machine is now mostly manual which brings down the price tag of this crazy device.

The giant steel arm which holds the monitors in place is now also manual so you will need to put some muscle into closing yourself into the device. If you are too lazy for that, then spend the extra money for the fancier and mechanical version.

But the device will cost more than you think. Acer does not include a PC or any monitors with it. The Thronos Air, when you spend your money on it, comes with the chair and the frame but most of the tech is not included.

The chair does massage your back so while you sit in it and contemplate why you spent R200k on a PC-less gaming setup, it will attempt to calm you down by rubbing the tension away.

In the end, if you are looking to get the Acer Thronos Air with a full rig and monitors, you are going to have to fork out well over R250k.

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