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Activision CEO Says Sony’s ‘Disappointing Behaviour’ Won’t Affect its Relationship

There’s no denying that Sony has been a thorn in Microsoft’s side during the recent Activision Blizzard purchase. Even though the deal hasn’t been signed off yet, it is likely going to happen now after multiple FTC approvals from both the UK and Japan went through. However, even with Sony’s rather disruptive behaviour, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick says the company won’t hold it against PlayStation in the future.

In an email to Activision employees, Kotick described Sony’s behaviour as “disappointing”. He was referring to Sony’s disruptive actions which caused a lot of industry talk during the deal. The company was responsible for many attempts to block the Microsoft deal. One more recent controversy was accusing Microsoft of deliberately making buggy versions of Call of Duty for PlayStation to stifle the platform.

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In the email, Kotick says that Microsoft will be held accountable for keeping its promises of content and quality across all platforms.

“We all know our passionate players would be the first to hold Microsoft accountable for keeping its promises of content and quality parity. All of us who work so hard to deliver the best games in our industry care too deeply about our players to ever launch sub-par versions of our games.”

Kotick also referenced the recent comments from PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan where he openly stated that he didn’t want Call of Duty, he just wanted to block the sale.

“Sony has even admitted that they aren’t actually concerned about a Call of Duty agreement—they would just like to prevent our merger from happening. This is obviously disappointing behavior from a partner for almost thirty years, but we will not allow Sony’s behavior to affect our long term relationship. PlayStation players know we will continue to deliver the best games possible on Sony platforms as we have since the launch of PlayStation.”

While the deal hasn’t been approved just yet, so far things are looking positive for Microsoft and Activision. The sale won’t get the stamp until after the lawsuit concludes in April.

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