Activision Not Banking on The Success of Call of Duty 2021 – Report
"Reports claim the game has even been cancelled"
Call of Duty 2021 Call of Duty WII: Vanguard
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Activision is preparing itself for a mediocre launch for Call of Duty 2021 according to an insider. The more you read into the factors surrounding yet another Call of Duty game releasing just a year after Black Ops Cold War, the more it makes sense. Prominent Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson claims that Activision does not expect the annual shooter to do as well as it usually does in 2021. He says that the publisher already has a “recovery road map” in place to counter this.

While Henderson does not fully explain the reasoning behind this statement, it does make sense. Call of Duty has been dipping over the past few years and Activision has become reliant on Warzone and the battle royale’s player base. The publisher has managed to maintain a strong base of players but these are scattered across Warzone, the 2019 Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Cold War. Players have become more likely to stick to the free-to-play battle royale than purchase a $60 game.


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We also have the current development crisis as deadlines have become harder to reach due to the ongoing “work from home” approach many studios have incorporated. According to Twitter user ZestyCODLeaks, Call of Duty 2021 might be cancelled completely in favour of “supporting content” for Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Cold War. He says that Sledgehammer Games, the studio behind this year’s COD release has been taken off the project and placed as a support studio for other games.

Of course, the elephant in the room is Battlefield. We know this year is going to see the release of Battlefield 2021, a massive rival to the Call of Duty series. Perhaps Activision foresees EA’s shooter as a big threat to the current launch plans for COD 2021? It makes sense.

For now, take this with a pinch of salt. We have had two Twitter users, who are known for their accurate reporting, claim that Activision is either cancelling this year’s COD or planning on releasing a game that won’t be as well-received as before. One user even had a DMCA strike from Activision on their profile due to “leaking” this information. Still, it is too early to tell what 2021 holds for Call of Duty. 

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