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Activision Says Call of Duty 2023 is a ‘Full Annual Premium Release’

Activision says that the Call of Duty game launching in 2023 will be a “full annual premium release” despite a previous report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier claiming that it would skip this year’s major title developed by Treyarch. Schreier responded to the latest Activision news by reiterating that this year’s Call of Duty is being developed by Sledgehammer Games and is actually year two of Modern Warfare 2.

Schreier’s recent report regarding this year’s Call of Duty plans was then corroborated by sources close to Insider Gaming, meaning it’s likely that Modern Warfare 2 will receive some kind of standalone expansion or content to justify a second year.

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Of course, the word “premium” being used here suggests a full-priced $70 game, so if it’s simply year two of DLC for a previously released game, that would either mean that there’s enough content in this “expansion” to justify a full price tag or it’s simply Activision using buzz words for investors. Maybe it’s accurate and the DLC will actually cost $70 – we can’t imagine that going down well with the community.

Most Call of Duty DLC released for the series never breached a full price tag, such as Zombie Chronicles only costing $30 at launch. Modern Warfare 2 was developed by Infinity Ward, but Sledgehammer Games has since moved onto a new project after developing 2020’s Vanguard. It’s possible that within those three years, some new major content was created to expand last year’s game.

If this is true, then we won’t see another new Call of Duty game until late 2024, which is understood to be in development at Black Ops studio Treyarch. As for the ongoing battle for Microsoft to successfully acquire Activision, Sony’s opposition has led the company to strike up an offer to keep the first-person shooter franchise on PlayStation consoles for another ten years.

Source: Insider Gaming

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