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After 22 Years Ash Ketchum Finally Became a Pokémon Master

If you have been following the Pokémon anime series over the past 22 years you would know its main star, Ash Ketchum is known for two things, not ageing and never being able to achieve his life goal of becoming a Pokémon Master. Well, one of those things has changed as Ashe Ketchum has won his first-ever regional Pokémon League.

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While this is not technically the first league Ash has ever won, not counting the Orange Island Pokémon League, this is the first regional League the 10-year-old has ever won and it is a big deal.

The Orange Island League is not counted as round-robin league tournaments in the series thus not counting towards the “Pokémon Master” title.

Up to now, Ash has placed in various spots from top 16 in the Kanto region, top 8 in Johto, top 4 in Sinnoh and even runner-up in the Kalos region. In the latest episode of Pokémon: Sun and Moon, Ash wins the Alola region Pokémon League.

The original Pokemon series aired way back in 1997 and ever since then, we have been following Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu as he attempted to take on each League across the world. Sure, Ash has saved the world a couple of times but up to now he has failed to take home a League trophy and achieve what he set out to do all the way back then, “becoming a Pokémon Master”.

You can watch the clip below of the final moments in the tournament before Ash wins the league with Pikachu by his side. Take note that it is currently in Japanese as the English dub has not arrived yet.

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