AI Copilot Plus Features Coming to NVIDIA and AMD Gaming Laptops

NVIDIA and AMD are currently working with Microsoft to bring AI Copilot Plus features to gaming laptops. Microsoft has already showcased AI Copilot Plus running on Qualcomm-powered devices so it is nice to see NVIDIA and AMD joining the band now too.

The announcement came at Computex where NVIDIA confirmed that RTX AI PC laptops are being worked on at both ASUS and MSI. This new hardware will include AI Copilot Plus.

NVIDIA says its newly announced RTX AI PC laptops from ASUS and MSI will feature up to a GeForce RTX 4070 GPU and power-efficient systems-on-a-chip with Windows 11 AI PC capabilities. NVIDIA also confirmed that these notebooks will ship with AMDs latest Strix CPUs.

Keep in mind that Microsoft says these AI features will roll out as a free update to PCs with this included hardware sometime in the future. By the sound of things, these new RTX AI PC laptops will have the components for AI Copilot Plus but Microsoft will need to update Windows 11 to add Recall and other AI-powere features.

We don’t know if this update is because the AI software won’t be ready for AMD Strix chipsets or because Microsoft has an exclusive deal with Qualcomm that adds a time barrier to the rollout. Either way, we know the laptops will get AI Copilot Plus at some point.

At Computex, NVIDIA also announced a new G-Assist AS Chatbot to help users optimise their PC games. The tool is still in very early development but it essentially provides various useful information to users while they play certain games. The tool can optimise your game settings while also offering game help through certain portions of the game.

By the look of things, NVIDIA is trying every way possible to be the most relevant AI leader in the gaming market even if that means teaming up with AMD for its NPUs.

Source: NVIDIA

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