Alan Wake 2 Director Sam Lake Dark Gothic Fantasy Game

Alan Wake 2 Director Wants to Make a ‘Dark Gothic Fantasy’ Game

Alan Wake 2 creative director and lead writer Sam Lake says he wants to make a ‘crazy, huge budget, dark gothic fantasy’ game in the future. Remedy Entertainment recently released Alan Wake 2 to extremely strong reviews across the board, praising its atmosphere, gameplay and compelling storytelling. Lake, who has been in the industry for over two decades, teased that a future Remedy project might be a slight deviation from what the studio has produced so far.

Speaking to GQ in a recent interview, Sam Lake spoke a bit about what Remedy plans to do next after the release of Alan Wake 2. Lake began working at Remedy Entertainment during the 90s and saw the development of several games under the studio including Max Payne (which he also famously became the face model for), Quantum Break, Control and the Alan Wake games. While most of Remedy’s games have included science fiction elements, the director has his sights set on making a fantasy game.

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Lake stated in the interview:

“Would I ever do anything else? Yeah, I’m still thinking that I will. There will be a time when I retire. It’s just that… this has all been so engaging. One was this crazy, huge budget, dark gothic fantasy, which I haven’t used for anything yet.”

By the sound of things, Lake has been sitting on this idea for a while though never had the means to develop it yet as most of Remedy’s focus seemingly went into Control and Alan Wake over the years. Hopefully, Alan Wake 2 turns out to be a great success financially too so that this “dark gothic fantasy” game can come together.

Alan Wake 2 has its fair share of the dark and gothic, steering the series to survival horror for the sequel. Read all about it in our full review.

Alan Wake 2 is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: GQ

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