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Alan Wake 2 DLC Won’t Set Up Control 2 Says Remedy

Those hoping to get a teaser for Control 2 in the upcoming Alan Wake 2 DLC might be disappointed. Developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that the award-winning 2023 survival horror title will receive two expansions but neither of them will set up Control 2 in the same way that the AWE expansion for Control served as a prelude to Alan Wake 2.

In a recent interview with Exputer, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake told fans to not expect the Alan Wake 2 DLC to set up Control 2, even though one expansion will specifically focus on the Federal Bureau of Control. Lake added that they were happy about how the AWE expansion for Control successfully set up the events of Alan Wake 2, though they aren’t keen on replicating that same teaser for the sequel’s DLC.

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Sam Lake stated in the interview:

“The expansions give us an opportunity to glimpse aspects of our universe that were not able to explore in Alan Wake 2 otherwise. We are excited about this. We were happy with what we achieved with Control’s AWE expansion regarding setting up Alan Wake 2. That said, we are not looking to repeat that exactly. The Lake House will have a big focus on the Federal Bureau of Control and its research facility at Cauldron Lake. Beyond that, no matter how much, there will be hints about things to come in the Control sequel, you’ll have to wait and see.”

Remedy Entertainment announced back in November 2022 that Control 2 is officially in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, though it’s not known when the game will release. At the moment, the studio appears to be focusing on the upcoming Alan Wake 2 DLC.

Alan Wake 2 launched last year to great reviews and was nominated for several awards at The Game Awards including Game of the Year.

Source: Exputer

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