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Aliens: Fireteam Elite PC and Console Crossplay Coming Later this Month

Aliens: Fireteam Elite will receive PC and console crossplay later this month as well as a new progression system, a new game mode and more. The updates will be part of a seasonal update coming to the title from developer Cold Iron Studios on the 26th of July.

The co-op shooter based on Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie series will receive its Season 4 update with the new content, allowing players across Steam, PlayStation and Xbox to group together to tackle the Xenomorph threat. The crossplay settings should increase the number of players available for matchmaking which means it’s should be faster to get into a match.

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Along with the crossplay functionality, there is also the introduction of a new game mode titled Restock Turrets, which challenges players to keep their turrets stocked in the midst of waves Xenomorph attacks. Pretty on the nose with the naming there.

There is also a new progression system that will come from the Season 4 update that will be available for players who have reached level 20. After this point, players’ XP will be counted towards Prestige – ranges from 1 to 100 – which then unlocks new nameplates, outfits, head accessories, gun colours and more. According to the information on Steam, there will also be four new weapons coming to the fray detailed below. If you haven’t yet, you can give Aliens: Fireteam Elite a go on Xbox Game Pass.

  • CQW: M51 Breaching Scattergun
    •  Armat’s Double-shot burst shotgun with wide coverage, but minimal accuracy beyond close range.
  • Heavy: P.649 HEL
    • Weyland-Yutani’s High-Energy Laser. A highly accurate, long range, ammo-based energy weapon with stronger charged shots.
  • Rifle: SVAT-92 Sokol
    • The only fully automatic Sniper Rifle. Effective against multiple long distance threats, but with less stopping power than traditional sniper rifles.
  • Hand Gun: DKT-59 Misha
    • Shotgun-like hand gun with devastating short range stopping power, but frequent reloading needs and low long range accuracy.


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