Alita: Battle Angel – Six Reasons To Watch This Awesome New Movie
Alita: Battle Angel
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The new, cyberpunk movie directed by Robert Rodriguez and written and produced by James Cameron, has been unleashed onto the cinema circuits. Alita: Battle Angel is a beautiful sci-fi movie that pushes the boundaries of how CGI is integrated into live-action settings, producing a lovely mash-up of robot meets real-world. This marriage of technology and real life is obviously also a strong theme throughout Alita: Battle Angel.

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If you’re still unsure whether Alita: Battle Angel is a movie to go watch at the cinemas, then these reasons might convince you to get your tickets today.

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Alita Is Awesome

As the movie centres around the title character, we all expected this human in android form to be cool. But the Alita that was delivered to us went beyond what most people probably expected. Alita is portrayed through motion capture by Rosa Salazar, and she nailed the performance.

James Cameron has taken the image and motion capturing technology he used in Avatar to create aliens and made it even better. Now, the technology is so good that Alita really had us mesmerized. Everything about her is just awesome – from her almost perfect expressions, to those big, beautiful eyes, Alita is charming and we want to see more from her.

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Not only does she look good, but man, can she fight. You will love the action scenes in the movie, as this Battle Angel really earns that name.

She’s also got a huge heart, albeit mechanical. She mentions in the movie that with her, it’s either all in or nothing at all when it comes to caring about people, and you fall in love with her for it.

Great Cast

The rest of the cast for Alita: Battle Angel consists of some pretty awesome performers. Alita’s creator and caretaker, Dr Dyson Ido is portrayed by Christoph Waltz. Jennifer Connelly portrays the role of Chiren.


Keean Johnson plays the role of Alita’s love interest, Hugo. Other notable names to portray roles in the new movie include Mahershala Ali, Edward Norton, and Ed Skrein.

It’s Geek Gold

If you haven’t gathered yet, the movie is based on a Japanese manga anime series known as Ganmu (銃夢) in Japan and in other parts as Battle Angel Alita. The series was created in 1990 by Yukito Kishiro. So, before the movie was even made, the Battle Angel franchise already had a big fan following.

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The franchise’s futuristic themes are what sci-fi geeks live for. Everything has a backstory, and the movie only manages to scrape the surface of the layers of Alita content that’s there to be discovered by fans.

Visually Breathtaking

In terms of visuals, you’re probably not going to see anything that comes close to Alita: Battle Angel for a long time in a movie. It’s just awesome to behold, and every scene makes you stare at the screen intensely to take it all in. The movie reaches next levels of awesome when experienced in 3D, as the details then literally pop.

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The diverse landscapes are insanely cool. Every new location looks so vivid on the big screen, that it feels like you could step into the scene, and you really want to, too. There are so many cool places that feature in the new movie, that you really feel like you’re transported to another, very technologically advanced world.

It’s Thrilling

You won’t be bored watching this movie. In fact, you’ll probably be on the edge of your seat a lot of the time. It’s jam-packed with thrills and action.

For one, as mentioned above, Alita knows how to fight and the fight scenes were captured phenomenally. The camera angles are out of this world, and the visual effects are showcased throughout the action-heavy scenes.

You’ll love watching the Motorball race scenes, a lot! They really take you on a ride, where, by the end of the scene, you can actually feel some adrenaline pumping through your veins. They also just look so cool, and we love the drama that’s created around the Motorball scenes, in terms of music, and dramatic video effects, like super-zoom, and slo-mo to show off awesome details.

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It’s all choreographed so meticulously, that you actually want to go back and watch some of the scenes on repeat.

Love Story

The movie’s Valentine’s Day premiere date worked out perfectly, as it has a complex and beautiful love story, as well. The movie deals with themes that are popular love topics to tackle in entertainment at the moment, but does it in a unique way that might make audiences think a little more about acceptance and equality.


There is a lot to take in when you watch Alita: Battle Angel, but it’s all awesome and all-around great experience.

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Are you planning on going to watch this new movie?






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