Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs
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All The Awesome Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

I’ve made it no big secret that I honestly struggled to get into Falcon and the Winter Soldier when I first started watching.  I then spent some time going through and reading some of the Captain America, Falcon, and Winter Soldier Comics to hopefully get a better connection with the characters. You can see which ones I read here. Basically, suddenly I had a new appreciation for the show.

Going back and re-watching the first few episodes after reading the comics didn’t just help me to enjoy the show, but I also ended up spotting a whole bunch of Easter Eggs that I missed the first time around – and man, oh man, do they add to the show.


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So without further ado, here are some of my favourite little hidden gems from Season 1 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

It goes without saying that massive spoilers follow so if you have not watched the finale of Falcon and the Winter Soldier then come back when you have. 

Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs

Joaquin Torres… Who?

Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs

If you’ve read the Comics, then the name Joaquin Torres should sound familiar to you, and no, not because he is First Lieutenant but instead because he is the second Falcon. After being kidnapped by the Sons of the Serpent and then experimented on by none other than Karl Malus, Joaquin Torres finds himself transformed into a falcon/human hybrid and takes up the mantle of Falcon while Sam Wilson (current Flacon) takes on the title of Captain America.

Another little bonus Easter Egg hinting at Joaquin Torres being the next Falcon: in Episode 5, Sam Wilson (current Falcon) leaves his old Falcon wings with Joaquin.

Presenting Elijah Bradley A.K.A Patriot.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs

Another quick and cool nod to the Comics (and the future of the MCU) was the brief introduction of Elijah Bradley, the teenage boy who’s looking for his grandad, Isaiah Bradly. Elijah comes from a family of heroes, and after he starts using Mutant Growth Hormones, he becomes a hero in his own right, Patriot.

Patriot is a core member of the Young Avengers, and with the MCU’s Phase 4, including several characters from the Young Avengers, it’s fair to say we haven’t seen the last of Elijah Bradley.

La Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine – lady of mystery

Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs

Valentina (or Contessa as she’s known in Falcon and the Winter Soldier) is one of Marvel’s most loved espionage agents. Valentina is a character who likes to mix things up, and you never entirely know what to expect when she shows up.  The love of none other than Nick Fury, Valentina is a Russian sleeper agent who S.H.I.E.L.D first trained before moving on to affiliations with Hydra and Leviathan. She even wore the title of Madam Hydra for a minute there and the last time we saw her, Nick Fury was trying to spring her from jail.

Isaiah Bradley – more than you expect

In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we learn quite a lot about Isaiah’s backstory. We learn that the super-soldier program was never truly shut down by the US Government. Instead, the US just gathered up 300 black soldiers and continued the experiments on them.

The few soldiers that managed to survive these experiments had their deaths faked and were sent off on suicide missions with their families being held as collateral if they ever said no.

What Falcon and the Winter Soldier doesn’t tell us is that Isaiah isn’t just any super-soldier. He is, in fact, the first Black Captain America. However, even this part of his history is tragic as the US Government didn’t approve of him wearing the Captain America suit, and he was captured by them and then placed in decades-long solitary confinement.

Yes, there really are Superheros on the Moon

This is a very brief Easter Egg against hinting at future MCU content. There’s a comment made in Falcon and the Winter Soldier by Joaquin Torres about rumours of Steve Rodgers not actually being dead but rather living on a moon base.

Now I’m not going to get into all of the Marvel characters who live in secret moon bases, but I will touch on “The Watchers”, more specifically, one watcher named Uatu.

The Watchers are a race of all-powerful beings who watch over the many multiverses with Uatu (known simply as ‘Watcher’) being assigned to watch over Earth from his home on the moon. I think this simple comment about moon living was a nod at The Watcher because he’s getting to make his MCU debut as part of the new What If…? series coming to Disney +.

John Walker finally becomes who he was meant to be

Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs

One thing that bugged me throughout Falcon and the Winter Soldier was John Walker walking around pretending to be Captain America when he is CLEARLY not. In the last episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we finally see John Walker take up the title he was always supposed to carry, U.S. Agent.

In the Comics, U.S. Agent is first introduced to us as the supervillain, Super-Patriot (created to be the absolute opposite of Steve Rodgers).  Later, we see him take on U.S. Agent’s title; he wears a “dark Captain America” style suit, similar to the one we see at the end of the last Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode, and he wields a vibranium disc as a shield.

The Suit is revealed 

Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs

Finally, in the finale episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we see Sam Wilson become the new Captain America. We also get to see his version of the iconic Captain America Suit. The suit is taken almost directly from the comics visually – but it seems to have gotten a significant-tech overhaul.

His gloves are now gauntlets, his new wings are most probably Wakandan (the box they arrived in was Wakandan colours), and his brand new Redwing seems to have drones of some kind additional? All in all, it’s a very exciting take on Sam Wilson as Captain America.

Those were just a few of the little hidden touches that I spotted and loved while watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I would love to hear what some of yours were – let us know in the comments below.

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