The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

All The Best Halloween Gaming Events to Jump Into

Unfortunately for horror lovers living in South Africa, Halloween isn’t a big thing here. Sure, you’ll probably be able to find some spider-shaped candy if you look, and if you don’t mind my jack-o-lantern being white or green, you can swing by the store and grab a pumpkin. Still, those looking for those proper “American-style” festivities will have to look elsewhere. Thankfully all is not lost, and where there is slack to be picked up, there are video games. This list will give you a brief overview of some of the best Halloween gaming events to jump into.

The Best Halloween Gaming Events

Fortnitemares (October 18 – November 1)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

Fortnitemares is back, baby. The annual Alteration Alter party is live, and players can head to the Reality Tree and perform the Ritual Emote to receive the Howler Claws. Equipping these Howler Claws will give players the Wolfscent Ability, giving werewolf tracking vision.

If tracking your foes isn’t your idea of fun, then Fortnitemares is also bringing back Zero Build Horde Rush, which challenges players to try and survive the legions of Cube Monsters without the aid of building tools.

Apex Legends: Fight or Fright (October 4 – November 1)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

Apex Legends: Fight or Fright is a four-week-long Halloween extravaganza where players can earn new seasonal cosmetics. The event mainly consists of Shadow Royale on the Olympus After Dark map, which challenges any Trios team to survive the living and the dead.

Anyone who dies while playing this mode will return in Shadow Form and keep coming back until the entire squad is eliminated.

Minecraft: Spookyfest (October 4 – November 9)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

Love it or hate it, there is no denying the significance of Minecraft and the game’s staying power. This year, Minecraft’s annual Spookyfest event will span two games. From new themed Marketplace items to mutilated mobs and even Halloween mini-games, this event has loads of content to keep players busy.

Another part of the festivities, Spooky Fall, will allow Minecraft Dungeons players to take on the Spooky Fall trials and earn limited-time rewards.

Back 4 Blood: Halloween in Fort Hope (October 11 – November 1)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

Nothing says Halloween quite like zombies, and zombies are something that Back 4 Blood has in spades. The Halloween in Fort Hope event will feature Seasonal Caravans containing special Cleaner and Weapon Skins. The game will also be temporarily overhauled with scary decorations and spooky music to help set the mood.

Back 4 Blood also used this event to roll out one of their most terrifying permanent updates: No Hope matchmaking.

Dead By Daylight: Haunted by Daylight (October 13 – November 3)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

Of course, a game that brings the spirit of Halloween to life all year round would go all out to celebrate. This year Dead By Daylight players should notice that things are looking noticeably… festive, and participating in the event will earn players cosmetics and freebies.

Players must gather up Void Energy and deposit it at an Unstable Rift to claim their spoils. If you’re a Survivor, gather it by repairing Halloween Generators, stun a Killer with Void Energy, or bash a pumpkin in. Killers can collect Void Energy by hanging Survivors on Halloween Hooks, downing a Survivor with Void Energy, or taking out their rage on the pumpkins themselves.

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost (October 18 – November 8)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

We hope Destiny 2 players everywhere are ready to party because that’s what the Festival of the Lost is all about. This year’s theme in the game is mech suits, and players are invited to put on their festival masks, explore the Tower for candy and then trade that candy for special rewards.

That’s not all Destiny 2 is doing for the annual festivities. Once again, the Headless Ones are running rampant, and players can gather their friends, pick up the new Mechabre Sniper Rifle and take them out before they spread.

Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King (October 18 – November 8)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

The Shadow of the Mad King event has run every year since Guild Wars 2 first launched, and it’s a roaring success each time. The event is open to all players who are level 10 or higher, and it’s a great chance to earn event-exclusive rewards.

Players will step into the Mad Realm and the Mad King’s Labyrinth. Here, players will face dangerous monsters, race on their mounts, take on the infamous jumping puzzle and more.

Overwatch 2: Halloween Terror (October 25 – November 9)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

While players got used to the annual Overwatch Halloween event, this will be the first year it happens within Overwatch 2. Although the game might be different, the event is still the same. Players will again be invited to step into the castle of Dr. Junkenstein.

This year, the Bride of Junkenstein is out for revenge, and the event consists of a four-player PvE Brawl. Players participating in the event can earn special rewards, including a Nightfall Over Adlersbrunn Name Card, the Jack-o’-Lantern Weapon Charm, Battle Pass XP and more.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: All Hallows’ Eve (October 25 – November 4)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

Dying Light 2 might seem like it’s already celebrating Halloween all year round. Still, if the All Hallows’ Eve event proves anything, it’s that the game can always get creepier. From volatiles turned into “Pumpkintiles” to an all-new currency called Treats – this is an event that has it all.

Players can get their hands on seasonal cosmetics with the new Dying Laugh bundle, which is available for free between November 3rd and 10th, including a new clown costume, a matching weapon, and a seasonal paraglider skin. Halloween masks are also available for players who complete the event’s special daily and weekly bounties.

No Man’s Sky: Emergence (October 20 – November 1)

The Best In-Game Halloween Festivities

The scariest thing about this Halloween-themed update for No Man’s Sky is that it is good. No Man’s Sky: Emergence is a story-driven campaign where players will have to fight mutant sandworms and uncover the secrets of a dark cult.

Players who complete the expedition will be rewarded with a sandworm helmet, a rideable sandworm companion, Halloween-themed decor, a worm-themed fireworks launcher, and a jetpack effect that sprays out worms.

While these are some of our favourite in-game celebrations, this is hardly a comprehensive list. If there is an in-game Halloween event that we missed and you think we should go check out, let us know in the comments below.

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