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All The June 2023 Gaming Events With South African Dates and Times

Not-E3 season is upon us and this June promises a number of gaming presentations and showcases that fans can look forward to. Since May’s PlayStation Showcase has passed, we can look ahead to publishers and gaming companies like Xbox, Bethesda, Capcom, Ubisoft and more which will all host showcases over the coming weeks. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the June 2023 gaming events with local South African dates and times.

In case you missed it, we’ve already covered where and when you can catch both the Xbox Games Showcase + Starfield Direct presentation as well as Summer Game Fest 2023 Opening Showcase. However, there’s a lot more to unpack with other scheduled events from some of the industry’s biggest names including Capcom, Ubisoft and others. Most of these showcases fall under Summer Game Fest with the exception of a few that stand alone, but we’ll compile everything you need to look out for.

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All The June 2023 Gaming Events With South African Dates and Times

  • Wednesday June 7, 9am PT / 6pm CAT: Guerrilla Collective
  • Thursday June 8, 12pm PT / 9pm CAT: Summer Game Fest 2023 Opening Showcase
  • Thursday June 8, 2pm PT / 11pm CAT: Day of the Devs
  • Thursday June 8, 3pm PT / 12am CAT (Friday): Devolver Direct
  • Friday June 9, 8am PT / 5pm CAT: Access-Ability Summer Showcase
  • Friday June 9, 12pm PT / 9pm CAT: Tribeca Games Spotlight
  • Saturday June 10, 8am PT / 5pm CAT: Future of Play Direct
  • Saturday June 10, 9am PT / 6pm CAT: Wholesome Games 2023
  • Saturday June 10, 10am PT / 7pm CAT: Future Games Show
  • Sunday June 11, 10am PT / 7pm CAT: Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct
  • Sunday June 11, 1pm PT / 10pm CAT: PC Gaming Show
  • Sunday June 11, 3pm PT / 12am CAT (Monday): Final Fantasy XVI Pre-Launch Celebration
  • Monday June 12, 10am PT / 7pm CAT: Ubisoft Forward
  • Monday June 12, 3pm PT / 12am CAT (Tuesday): Capcom Showcase
  • Tuesday June 13, 10am PT / 7pm CAT: Xbox Games Showcase Extended
  • Wednesday June 14, 11am PT / 8pm CAT: UploadVR Showcase
  • Thursday June 15, 8pm PT / 5am CAT (Friday): RGG Studio Summit Summer 2023

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