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All The New Borderlands 3 Weapon Types and Manufacturers

Borderlands 3 is releasing in September and it is officially one of my most anticipated games of 2019. To be honest, Cyberpunk 2077 could get a release date for the same day and I would still buy Borderlands 3 instead (don’t hate).

With that being said, Borderlands 3 is bringing the big guns, literally as the Borderlands 3 weapons look fantastic. Gearbox released snippets of the old weapon manufacturers as well as our first look at the new one, Children of the Vault. Gearbox also revealed some new changes to all the weapon types and how we will handle them in Borderlands 3.

For example, each manufacturer will still have the signature feature but now with an added perk. Maliwan, for example, can now switch between two elements and Torgue can fire sticky projectiles. But there is a lot more to the Borderlands 3 weapons than meets the eye. Take a look at all of them below and gaze upon the Borderlands 3 weapon manufacturer’s glorious arsenal.

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“Deliver devastating critical hits to enemies’ soft-and-sensitives, then joy-puke as your bullets ricochet towards other targets.”


“Step 1: Hit your enemies with tracker tags. Step 2: Unleash a hail of Smart Bullets that track towards your targets. Step 3: Loot!”


“Toss your gun like a grenade to reload, then watch it pursue a nearby enemy as a fully loaded version digistructs in your hand.”



“Aim down the sights to take cover behind your weapon-mounted shield and keep your finger on the trigger for increased accuracy.”


“Toggle between alternate fire modes depending on your play style, your predicament, and your predilection for bonus damage.”


“Augment these rapid-firing, ammo-hungry guns with under-barrel attachments including tasers, rocket tubes, and additional gun barrels.”


“Switch between regular and sticky-projectile fire modes. Stickies do more damage if a bunch of them detonate on the same target.”


“Toggle between two elements, charge your weapon, and deal guaranteed elemental damage with your finger glued to the trigger.”


“Enjoy uninterrupted damage-dealing courtesy of “infinite” ammo magazines, occasionally interrupted by unpredictable overheating.”

What will be your weapon style of choice? Let know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Borderlands 3 South African pricing guide and gameplay details to catch up with everything Borderlands 3.

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