Amazon Cancels its Lord of the Rings MMO Two Years Into Development
"The MMO was announced in 2019"
Lord of the Rings MMO Amazon Show
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Amazon Game Studios has cancelled its Lord of the Rings MMO game which was announced back in 2019. The game was in development alongside Leyou-owned Anthon Games and planned to release for both PC and consoles sometime in the future.

The cancellation of The Lord of the Rings MMO marks some sad news this morning especially for fans of the series who were waiting for a new LOTR game to play. The MMO was set a long time before the events of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy and would feature new lands, characters, monsters and storylines never before seen in the Tolkien Universe.


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According to Leyou, who was just recently acquired by Tencent Holding in December, the company was unable to secure terms to proceed with the game’s development. However, the company says that the development team at Leyou will see its resources shift to other games and ongoing developments.

“We love the Lord of the Rings IP, and are disappointed that we won’t be bringing this game to customers.”

This news does spell trouble for Amazon Game Studios who has yet to release a successful game since its opening back in 2014. You would think with all that money they would be able to produce something but that is not the case. The studio cancelled its team-based action game Crucible and has delayed its other title New World multiple times now.

Bloomberg reported back in January that the studio was struggling with internal issues including a working environment that does not provide equal opportunity to men and women. Also that its in-house game engine was hard to work with and slow. However, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said that they are still determined and committed to video games. He says he believes that the team will get there if they stay focused on what matters the most.

Source: Bloomberg






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