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Amazon’s New World MMO Reportedly Bricking GPUs

Amazon launched its closed beta for the new MMO called New World earlier this week as so far the game is off to a rough start. While the player base has skyrocketed to over 200k active players on Steam, users are reporting some nasty issued with their expensive GPUs. New World seems to be bricking some hardware and no one knows why.

Yesterday, reports came to light that a handful of users with an EVGA RTX 3090 GPU were having issues with the game. Players claimed that their GPUs reached high temperatures and suffered from some drastic power spikes while running New World. This then led to GPUs bricking with excessive gameplay.

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Even though the issues first started with the EVGA RTX 3090, other players are also reporting similar instances of bricked GPUs. Twitter user JayzTwoCents claims to have recieved reports from users running other GPUs including RX590, 6800, 6800XT, 6900XT, 3080 Ti and 3090. However, there seems to be a possible fix for now.

Users over on Reddit have shared tips to prevent your highly expensive GPU from frying. They say that capping the frame rate to 60FPS will help keep the game from exhausting your hardware.

Amazon Studios has issued an update to players who are suffering from the problem but the statement is poor. They do say that hundreds of thousands of players are playing and enjoying New World. Many of them not suffering from any GPU problems. They claim that the game’s alpha testing had no problems at all when it came to GPUs and performance. They also assure players that New World is safe to play.

The problem with this statement is this line:

“The New World Closed Beta is safe to play. In order to further reassure players, we will implement a patch today that caps frames per second on our menu screen”.

You see, this means they still aren’t sure what is causing the problem and it sounds like they are implementing this fix simply to please players. Not a good sign.

If you are suffering from hardware issues brought on by New World then I suggest you head on over to Reddit and the game’s official forum to see what the community are saying about the game. If you don’t want to play the game yet then watch the trailer down below.

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