AMD Epyc 64-core CPU Benchmarks Leaked – Better Than Intel Xeon
AMD Epyc CPU Benchmark
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Intel’s upcoming Core 9000 series CPUs are very powerful, we know that but AMD has been playing catchup especially when it comes to the powerhouse CPUs and those designed just for enterprise use such as servers and render machines. Their upcoming 64-core AMD Epyc CPU, code-named “Rome” seems to be one of the most powerful ever made as the benchmarks have been leaked revealing impressive stats.

According to Chiphell, the scores which you see below are benchmarks using Cinebench’s multi-threaded test. The CPU in question, although blurred out of the image is indeed the AMD Epyc which comes in at 12,587. This a massive score given the closest competition is sitting on 1,279 which is Intel’s top-of-the-range CPU, the 12C/24T Xeon X5650.

According to experts, this score is possible thanks to the new “Rome” 7nm architecture inside the chip. While the actual clock speeds are not available to the public, you can expect it to come in at around 3.0GHz.

Of course, the new chipset range does not really cater for gaming as it is more a server-based chip but that does not stop you from splurging on it and having the best CPU in your gaming rig. AMD is expected to fully reveal the Epyc “Rome” chipset in 2019.






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