AMD FidelityFX Now Available Xbox Series X and S
"Still no Super Resolution yet"
AMD FidelityFX Xbox Series X and S
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During its Game Stack Live event this week, Microsoft revealed that it is now incorporating AMD FidelityFX tools into the Xbox Series X and S game development kit. AMD then confirmed the feature in a blog post detailing the advantages developers will now have with the set of tools.

Of course, the AMD FidelityFX tools aren’t completely ready for Xbox Series X and S just yet. While developers will access features such as denoising for raytracing, contrast adaptive sharpening and AMD Ryzen Processor Software Optimization, the biggest, and possible best feature, Super Resolution is not available yet.


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For those who don’t know, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution will allow developers to provide higher resolution and frame rates across PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC using a similar machine-learning algorithm to NVIDIA’s DLSS. It is the feature set we are all waiting for as it means our console and gaming experience will heighten through this feature. AMD says it is coming. We don’t know yet when but hopefully soon.

As for the other AMD FidelityFX tools available, these features can now help devs improve existing games and even enhance future titles that make use of specific in-engine features. Denoising is key to delivering less grainy shadows and reflections in raytracing. It is one step closer to fully utilizing AMD’s SOC on the Xbox Series X and S.

The tools can also help developers who are currently working on games for both PC and Xbox.

This news makes it even easier than before to write cross-platform games, with developers able to access select AMD FidelityFX effects with specific optimizations for Windows® and Xbox. Game developers can now utilize further platform-specific optimizations with AMD FidelityFX, straight from the Xbox Series X|S Game Development Kit.

Xbox Game Developers interested in getting started with AMD FidelityFX can do so with the latest Game Development Kit (GDK), where samples for Contrast Adaptive Sharpening, Variable Shading, and Raytraced Shadow Denoiser technologies are available.

Source: AMD Blog






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