AMD plans on enhancing its current GPU and SoC hardware with its FidelityFX Super Resolution soon. For those who don’t know, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is a fancy machine learning algorithm that essentially upscales game resolutions to a higher-res while maintaining the original image quality. Similar to NVDIA’s DLSS 2.0. The good news is that this AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution will be headed to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S too.

AMD has been working on the FidelityFX Super Resolution feature for some time now but it was not ready to launch when the company released its latest GPUs. AMD says they simply want to perfect the feature across all supported platforms before releasing it.

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Linus Tech Tips recently confirmed this in a new video where he covered the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution saying:

Apparently rather than rushing it [FidelityFX Super Resolution] out the door on only one new top-end card, they want it to be cross-platform in every sense of the word. So they actually want it running on all of their GPUs, including the ones inside consoles, before they pull the trigger.

It would’ve been nice to have it ready by the time the cards launched, but as we saw with Nvidia’s DLSS 1.0 versus DLSS 2.0, it could be for the best.

When the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution feature does arrive in the future, it will see a massive performance boost across supported games. Users will be able to benefit from higher frame rates, frame rates capping at 60FPS instead of dropping due to bottlenecking, and resolution boosts. The feature is identical to NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 which reads:

 DLSS is designed to boost frame rates at high GPU workloads (i.e. when your framerate is low and your GPU is working to its full capacity without bottlenecks or other limitations). If your game is already running at high frame rates, your GPU’s frame rendering time may be shorter than the DLSS execution time. In this case, DLSS is not available because it would not improve your framerate. However, if your game is heavily utilizing the GPU (e.g. FPS is below ~60), DLSS provides an optimal performance boost. You can crank up your settings to maximize your gains. (Note: 60 FPS is an approximation — the exact number varies by game and what graphics settings are enabled)

You can watch the full video down below showcasing the power of DLSS 2.0. Just imagine it is an AMD thing for a second. That is what AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is.

Source: Linus Tech Tips

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